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I'm looking to RPG again! any suggestions to start up?....
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Hello All,

SO i have been thinking that seeing im kinda the RPG mod... that i should start to encourage people to get some good RPGs going. LIttle sparrow has a great idea for one where we can all join in and its simple and fun. WAL have one going for them.. so everyone is doing their bit who are keen on RPGs, but i have a question for the GBers and newbies..

What is it about RPGs you dont like? Is there anything we can do to help you try them out? 

If your just not keen, of course that is fine but i would love to hear if their are anyone out there who are interested in being involved but perhaps are nervous that they don't know how too. I can tell you if your nervous, ask any of the viners who rpg how bad their first posts in an rpg was and they will all have a story., i believe my first one was one line.. and i was asked to delete it  :-P Amuck and I shared our first fight and we ended up hugging at the end! so we all have a first story we not proud of!

I would love to see people giving it a go and im sure if you ask myself, Sparrow any of the WAL crew we will all be more than happy to support you in giving it a go.. it can be fun and you dont need to be an amazing writer, just have a good imagination and a willingess to learn!

So input from people please... are you keen? not keen?  if not why not! If yes would you like us to set up something where you can be taught how too?

Just interested to know and wanted to offer support to anyone who is keen! ^_^

Peace out

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