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...really another Evangelion spin-off manga? *rolls eyes*
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In the year 2010 there will be transforming robots fighting Megaman X in Neo Tokyo as akira drives by the burned remains of macross mecha and voltron, all set to 80s hair metal song by priss asagiri.

Years ago anime and video games had VERY high hopes for the year 2010, some said robots will do all of are work for us (megaman), some said Tokyo will fall apart due to kids (akira) burn up due to crime (bubblegum crisis) blown to pieces from aliens falling from the sky (evangelion) or taken over by England.

They believed that in the year 2010 robots will be all shapes and sizes. Some believed you will be in full robot suits (bubblegum crisis), some said robots will be 12 stories tall and transform into anything from a boom box to jet fighter planes. (transformers/ macross) they believed everything from your car to your toaster will be able to link up together and fight crime (voltron).

They believed we will take to the stars to fight bugs in space (starship troopers), or hopes for Tenchi to find his home planet (tenchi, well im not sure when that show takes place), they believed queen millennia will save us from space invaders (queen millennia) as caption harlock explored far of lands (caption harlock). Jehuty was in its early stages of development (zone of the enders) as Mars is being terraformed from bugs and ice (lost planet).

Not everything in 2010 is all about space. Some say demons will fly out of you DS and take over Tokyo (shin megami tensei devil survivor) some say the world will almost end because of one MMO (.hack//), some say they saw a girl named Lain in the sky (Lain) and some believe its was Solid Snake who blow up a oil tanker in the New York harbor (metal gear solid 2). They also say cybernetics is advancing and they are fitting a little girl that was in a plane crash with a new body (ghost in the shell), some say there is a war brewing and it will destroy most of the world (apple seed).

I have to ask, WHAT THE F**K WERE THEY THINKING? I mean windows 7 is blowing my mind and they think astro boy would be running around, WTF? I mean some people cant us a ipod right and they think people can run a computer like Lain? at least megaman said "in the year 200X" and megaman X takes place in the year 20XX.
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