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As someone who is currently unable to use my left leg due to my ankle being broken in three spots, I generally need to find some good ways to spend my mandatory indoors-time for the next few weeks. Rest assured, that does include watching anime and reading manga, but as a gamer, there are always good ways to spend my time. My Nintendo DS particularly is a system I've been using (and I've even been replaying Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, crazy right?). So basically here is my situation: I need to stay indoors and my DS is a way to spend my time, therefore buying at least one new DS game makes sense right? Well here is the game I chose... 

An odd choice no? Not only am I not buying an A-grade DS game, but I'm also buying an import game which costs twenty bucks more than a regular DS title. Even more odd is that I actually bought the previous two Katekyo Hitman Reborn DS: Flame Rumble games (I even put one of the games on Giant Bomb). So why did I do it? Well there are two reasons why actually: 
I'm a big fan of Katekyo Hitman Reborn and the DS Flame Rumble games are actually legitimately good video games. 
 I buy it because I love the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series, but thankfully the game is actually good
 I buy it because I love the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series, but thankfully the game is actually good
Takara Tomy isn't a developer that is particularly well known for making a good anime-based video game with some rare exceptions, but the Flame Rumble games actually are some of those exceptions. It'll never be on the same level as Jump Ultimate Stars, but as a Reborn-only substitute, it's actually a good Smash Bros. clone. It uses the touch screen well for the special attacks and the controls are surprisingly good. Reborn fans like myself can especially appreciate it since the Katekyo Hitman Reborn presence in Jump Ultimate Stars was very weak since far greater power forms and potential fighting characters have been shown since that game was released. Basically the Flame Rumble games provide the good Reborn non-nudity fan service with a pretty good fighting game. And before you say "well why not just download the ROM?" I should just say that I'm not that kind of person, end of story.
But I'm not going to lie here, the only reason why I bought this game in particular is because it contains the Six Real Funeral Wreaths characters, as well as Vongola Primo as playable characters (that, and the fact that Fran returns which is always something to greatly respect). There might be some improvements to the fighting engine, but yeah, this is all my fandom coming to get at my wallet yet again. But the reason why I'm writing this blog entry is simply to say to all you people at the Anime Vice community: "Isn't it great when you spend money to support your fandom and it doesn't make you feel like crap later on?" I'm buying this game cuz I want to fight with those Real Six Funeral Wreaths y'all, but at least the game itself will be pretty good while I heal this stupid broken ankle. 
Watch the video I included to see the game in motion and all you Reborn fans can buy this surprisingly great game as well at Play-Asia
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