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You know what's a great series to watch the entirety of on Netflix Streaming right now? Initial D
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I finished the volume 9 section of the omnibus and it was honestly better than that already-great volume 8 and even had at least one more cameo from Ginko's doctor friend Adashino. If stories like "The Whirlwind" and "The Bed of Grass" aren't good enough to make a second anime season, I'm not sure what will (that is, until I read volume 10 of course). 
#8 - Episode 8: Where Sea Meets Man 

This actually isn't the only Mushishi story with the message of moving on after some significant life changes, but the story of Shiro, a man who spends his days waiting for a hopeless event before finally moving on, is a great one with a very satisfying ending. But what really sold me with this episode was actually the dub with John Burgmeier giving a fantastic job voicing Shiro from his near-suicidal moods to his more joyful days.
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