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You know what's a great series to watch the entirety of on Netflix Streaming right now? Initial D
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Sadly I didn't have any real opportunity last night to fully delve into volume 10, but I do plan on starting tonight! I'm also under some personal debate over buying this certain anime-based video game but that'll be better left for a different blog post. 
#7 - Episode 2: The Light of the Eyelid

This episode is mainly here to introduce things like the closing of the second eyelid and the light flow, but the story itself was also very memorable. You can't help but root for Biko who is trying to be the only person who opens up to the cursed Sei who was abandoned by everyone else she knows. The episode also had one of the most stunningly surreal scenes in Mushi-Shi of Ginko going through the massive wave of the insides of Sei's eye to get the mushi trapped inside, as well as give Sei a replacement green eye like Ginko. Why can't I be in the one-cool-green-eye-with-a-dark-hole-for-a-second-eye club like them too!  
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