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Today marks the day when I finally got the final volume of the brilliant Mushishi series in the form of a three-volume omnibus from Del Rey. I'll be writing a user review once I finally read through this very thick manga book, but in the meantime I figured I should celebrate this occasion by going through my favorite moments from the awesome anime. Because this is the release of the final tenth volume of the Mushishi manga, I decided to go through my top ten favorite anime episodes respectively.  
#10 - Episode 21: Cotton Changeling  

This episode was noteworthy for me because it was probably the creepiest story in the series. You have a mushi that takes over an embryo of a pregnant woman and takes the form of what the child would've grown up to be. What's even creepier about it was the mushi child will multiply and share all learned information between all members meaning even the baby form can talk. It really got me in my appreciation for the horror genre in a story that freaked me out, even with the calm atmosphere of the Mushi-Shi series.
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