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Just Manga » Hitman Reborn! chapter 303 review

 *As someone who enjoys the weekly reviews of the chapters from the Big Three of Shonen Jump on this website, I feel that other manga series should get such fine treatment as well. For example, I love me some Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, so I figure I would like to try reviewing the chapters in GodLen's style as well. This is just an experiment for me, but if people view this post and leave some comments I'll be more than happy to continue. "Cause either way, I'm going to want to read the latest chapter of Reborn! and I love to write as well, so do the math!.* 
When we last left the everlasting adventures of Tsuna and the rest his future-mafia buddies, he finally found the Shimon Family's Isle of Doom where they can resolve their differences by, what else, but fighting in stylish appearances. Will the obvious misunderstanding finally be put to attention? What is the Vindice's full plans? And will Suzuki's ginormous boobs complemented by her new super cleavage-y outfit continue to distract us from the ongoing plot? Read on to find out! 

The Good 
What's interesting about the Vindice's involvement in this upcoming battle is that they said that they won't determine the winner until the "pride" is completely wiped out by a specific side. In other words, this war won't be solved by the number of K.O.'s but rather when the side just goes "oh f*ck!...we really are screwed here guys." It does make me really curious how this arc will be resolved with these kind of game rules. Anyway, once the scary prison-rulers left, Enma put out some rules of his own saying the Vongola group needs to go on a 6-day quest on the island in time for their rings to be fully completed. Unfortunately even though Tsuna decided to use his awesome new gloves to just end this very emo grudge, the enemy decides to pull off a disappearing act with some not-so-subtle rape-y dialogue with what one member of Shimon will do with captor Chrome. Hurry up Vongola team! Thankfully it doesn't take too long before Shimon member Koyo shows his face, leading to a manly boxing battle between him and Ryohei beginning next chapter. 
The Bad 
If there's one thing the anime version will definitely make some changes to here is the outfit for Little Miss Big Tits, Suzuki of the Shimon side. Honestly I never though Akira Amano would use some Kubo-level fan service here, but holy balls does that girl need some chest reduction once the more kid-friendly anime version comes around. Also we all knew that the final battle between Tsuna and Enma wouldn't happen right here and now, so why even try to trick us? And finally, where is the rest of the Vongola team anyway?! The game has finally begun and we still have just Gokudera, Ryohei, and Lambo (really?) to aid Tsuna! Yamamoto, Hibari, the Varia (like they wouldn't be involved here. Puh-lease!) and Spanner/Irie better be practicing their arrived-just-in-time moments! 
The Verdict 3/5 
Well the meat and potatoes of this arc is just starting so it wasn't too surprising that this chapter was mostly just setting up the ground rules and the startup of the first real battle. But after the arduously long Future arc where it overstayed its welcome even before the Melone Base section, it's nice to see Reborn! getting back to the quick-and-awesome mantra that the Kokuyo and Vongola Rings arcs had. I can be wrong and this arc could last until over chapter 500, but I doubt it. This is definitely the start of something beautiful to the Hitman Reborn! story.    
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