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You know what's a great series to watch the entirety of on Netflix Streaming right now? Initial D
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As the Blu-ray format has been becoming more prevalent, the release of anime in the U.S. has also grown comfortable to those bluish discs. FUNimation has started to release their more HD-appropriate licenses to Blu-ray/DVD bundles, and movies like the Cowboy Bebop movie has recently gotten the Blu-ray re-release. But there are still plenty of anime series that are already out in the U.S. in DVD format that could look beautiful in 1080p, yet still has yet to be available. Here's my current Top 5 of what I'd especially like to see extra glamorous.
5. Black Butler: A truly wonderful anime adaption of the manga with an even greater amount of polish to its 19th century England and the gothic art style. Just seeing that beautiful flashback of Madame Red would make the Blu-ray version an instant buy for me, whenever it hopefully gets out. 
4. Mushi-Shi  Part of what made the anime adaption of Yuki Urushibara's brilliant manga series so wonderful was how it brought those mystical mushi creatures to life with such fluid and natural animation. Ginko's eye-pleasing travels were practically made to be seen in full HD glory. Here's hoping FUNimation feels that way as well, and will someday fulfill this wish. 
3. Ergo Proxy: One of the first truly HD-centric anime series, Ergo Proxy was a beautifully animated sci-fi series all around in a disrupt future. The DVDs are currently rare and expensive, so it's about time this series got re-released yet again in the format it was truly designed for. 
2. Gurren Lagann: Gainax's most stylish series to date somehow has yet to be given a Blu-ray release to the states either by Bandai or Aniplex U.S.A. Someone needs to get on that so I can see that massively awesome final fight of the second movie in its most stunning definition!
1. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo: Is it any real surprise that I would pick this series as my number 1? This fantastic adaption of the Alexander Dumas novel was most noteworthy for having some of the most original, eye-catching visuals for decades to come. 
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