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You know what's a great series to watch the entirety of on Netflix Streaming right now? Initial D
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*Edit: Two of the spam-ads I've pointed out have be erradicated. But the war on spammers is something that can't be won so easily, so do you bit and flag that spam for the fantastic crew of Anime Vice Mods!*
      Don't take this image to think that I'm complaining about the advertising in Tiger & Bunny. I love that show, and the advertising does serve a legitimate purpose to the plot. But it's still advertising, which is why I'm adding it here.
      Don't take this image to think that I'm complaining about the advertising in Tiger & Bunny. I love that show, and the advertising does serve a legitimate purpose to the plot. But it's still advertising, which is why I'm adding it here.
You know, something actually happened last night when I was posting my latest work of pretentiousness in my review of episode 84 of Fairy Tail. I look at the User Reviews page and I think to myself, "well golly, there certainly has been a staggering amount of new reviews lately since the last time I stopped by and did some community critic service!" It shouldn't be all too surprising since there's an active guild right now and a great user article about turning your opinions from crap to something people actually want to read. But the more I looked at reviews like this, and this, I said "wait a minute...spamming advertisements..." 
  So, yeah, apparently spammers have gone from submitting poorly written advertisements in comments and have stepped onto a new level. So what should be done? Well, I did my bit and did a sarcastic comment on the latest. But here's the short version: 

 I do have thoughts about this sudden character development that I have angry rants to make about
I do have thoughts about this sudden character development that I have angry rants to make about
 I dunno...I just want to continue writing about what I like (which includes anime) which I would prefer to be in the cleanliest zone as plausible. So, you know what? I'm just going to not review anything on this site for like a week while I'll just calm myself down with the Uncharted 3 Beta. Because I can't do anything else besides not recommend these reviews or write snarky comments. I'm currently no member of the staff, and certainly no moderator. So, yeah, please help people-who-can-actually-do-something-about-this-horrible-plague before it gets worse (and we all know it could) so I can writing episodic reviews of Blue Exorcist without thinking about my dog's teeth!
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As the Blu-ray format has been becoming more prevalent, the release of anime in the U.S. has also grown comfortable to those bluish discs. FUNimation has started to release their more HD-appropriate licenses to Blu-ray/DVD bundles, and movies like the Cowboy Bebop movie has recently gotten the Blu-ray re-release. But there are still plenty of anime series that are already out in the U.S. in DVD format that could look beautiful in 1080p, yet still has yet to be available. Here's my current Top 5 of what I'd especially like to see extra glamorous.
5. Black Butler: A truly wonderful anime adaption of the manga with an even greater amount of polish to its 19th century England and the gothic art style. Just seeing that beautiful flashback of Madame Red would make the Blu-ray version an instant buy for me, whenever it hopefully gets out. 
4. Mushi-Shi  Part of what made the anime adaption of Yuki Urushibara's brilliant manga series so wonderful was how it brought those mystical mushi creatures to life with such fluid and natural animation. Ginko's eye-pleasing travels were practically made to be seen in full HD glory. Here's hoping FUNimation feels that way as well, and will someday fulfill this wish. 
3. Ergo Proxy: One of the first truly HD-centric anime series, Ergo Proxy was a beautifully animated sci-fi series all around in a disrupt future. The DVDs are currently rare and expensive, so it's about time this series got re-released yet again in the format it was truly designed for. 
2. Gurren Lagann: Gainax's most stylish series to date somehow has yet to be given a Blu-ray release to the states either by Bandai or Aniplex U.S.A. Someone needs to get on that so I can see that massively awesome final fight of the second movie in its most stunning definition!
1. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo: Is it any real surprise that I would pick this series as my number 1? This fantastic adaption of the Alexander Dumas novel was most noteworthy for having some of the most original, eye-catching visuals for decades to come. 
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Wow. In just a year, there will actually be English voices to go with all this English dialogue
Wow. In just a year, there will actually be English voices to go with all this English dialogue
That's right folks! This week in "Popular Anime Confirmed for U.S. Release by Company Who Makes A Habit of Releasing Good, Popular Anime," FUNimation has finally let the cat out of the bag that you won't need to buy ridiculously over-priced imported Blu-rays of Gainax's latest anime franchise. Sadly, people will have to wait until 2012 for the DVD to come out, but Crunchyroll still hasn't remembered to take the videos off their site (despite it still having that message that it'd be off "thirty days after the release of the final episode"). 

It's been a while since I randomly wrote my review on the series, so I recently watched a few of my favorite episodes to make sure I wasn't too crazy off College-Finals-Week-Energy-Drinks to actually think this show was good. And you know what? This show -- despite certain bits being especially annoying when watched a second time (i.e. 75% of episode 10) -- is still a vulgar good time with the Anarchy Sisters. I even bought the amazing soundtrack from Play-Asia and still listen to tracks like Champion and the Scanty & Kneesocks Theme on a regular basis. If you haven't checked out it out yet (albeit those who are at least 17 years of age), please do since it is both funny and consistently pleasing to the eyes. FUNimation does tend to be the "cool" U.S. anime distributor who takes 99% of the good new anime, but their work on comedies like Oh! Edo Rocket and Hetalia makes me glad they have this to call their own. I have high hopes that Panty & Stocking will be a treat in both subs and dubs come next year.
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As someone who is both cheap enough to not get the 20 dollar express shipment on Play-Asia and moral enough to not download the ROM (hey, I like to buy my video games legally thank you very much!), I'm currently in the process of the painful wait for the awesome-est awesome One Piece game, One Piece: Gigant Battle (please let it be no later than Monday...). That is, if this long overdue third Smash Bros. clone from developer Ganbarion is the video game that One Piece deserves after years of terrible GBA baseball games and chibi-drenched Mario Party clones. To be fair, I really enjoyed One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, but a monumental storyline like One Piece deserves better than a decent Monster Hunter clone being the video game highlight. Anyway, in anticipation I decided to check the boards and reactions to see what I'll be up for in terms of difficulty of the Japanese text and whatnot. However...I didn't exactly expect to see several of them complaining about the final character roster and the quality of the gameplay. 
Uh oh. 
Apparently, Gigant Battle isn't getting the "best One Piece game evar!" or "Gigant Battle owns!!!" that I was expecting. Here is a list of the main concerns I found: 
1.The Playable Character Roster Blows 
When I play a game solely dedicated to One Piece, I expect to be able to play all of the current Straw Hats. Well, as painful as it is for me to say here, but apparently it seems that Ganbarion didn't get that message. Yes, sadly, it seems from multiple accounts that Robin, Franky, and Brook will be support characters, but will NOT be playable. What. The. Hell. I can understand Robin and Brook since they aren't exactly the most powerful, but Franky? Franky is awesome Ganbarion. What's even weirder is that Robin and Franky were in Jump Ultimate Stars, and Chopper and Usopp (who weren't in any of the Jump Stars games) are playable in Gigant Battle. Mugiwara-less complaints aside, it also seems like the roster panders more to the recent One Piece with less Cipher Pol and more Impel Down. Thankfully the support character roster seems to be rather thorough with characters like Pandaman and Eiichiro Oda himself in there. I can forgive no playable Kid or Law due to little fighting in the story so far, but did someone at Ganbarion really say "Well we don't really need all the Straw Hats do we? I mean, it's not like the One Piece fans will complain if we took out Robin, Franky, and Brook right?" 
2. Having to Unlock Characters With Tough Mission Always Sucks 
We all knew right off the bat that Ganbarion isn't going to let us have our Blackbeard vs. Whitebeard fight right from the get-go. No, we need to play their story mode and whatnot before we all get what we want. And unless you want to just play as Luffy and Zoro, then unlocking is what you'll have to do. Granted, unlocking our favorite characters is part of what made the single-player of Smash Bros. and even Jump Stars so much fun. But giving us the demo-amount of characters is pretty darn lame all the same. Also it seems that there are some complaints for the missions in the story mode. It seems that Gigant Battle will have the same model of the Jump Stars games by having specific tasks written in Japanese which will mean mandatory FAQ ASAP, but the idea of them actually being hard unlike the Jump Stars games is something I don't even want to think about. 
3. More Jump Super Stars than Jump Ultimate Stars 
Ok, there's no way I can agree with the comments that say that the combo system and controls don't have the polish as Jump Ultimate Stars until I play the game myself, but the very idea that this game doesn't play as smoothly as Ultimate definitely puts fear in my mind until I have the opportunity to see for myself. 
Overall: So these complaints aside, would I regret buying Gigant Battle even if I do completely agree with all the internet board complaints? No, not really. The amount of shine and polish put into this game from the amazing stage designs, to the countless One Piece fanservice (albeit the characters who aren't playable) is outright incredible. If nothing else, this game is a love letter from Ganbarion to all the One Piece fans out there that tells them that there could be the video game that the masterful anime/manga series properly deserves. I will definitely write a review when I finally play plenty of hours with it (and will hopefully send it to one of the editors at Anime Vice where they can post it as a news article, for free of course). But for now, I'll just have to set my anticipation straight with the ongoing fan reactions of boards like this and see some of the YouTube vids like these: 
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A while ago I wrote a little article on Jump Ultimate Stars for being one of the rare anime-based video games that don't suck for being a brilliant Super Smash Bros. clone while also being a heavenly piece of Shonen Jump fanservice. Near the end I wrote that although there has yet been a new sequel since, developer Ganbarion has been crafting this style of game but instead solely focuses on the One Piece property. It's a great idea (though it's especially great for me since I love me some One Piece), but even still I've been putting off on pre-ordering it since I didn't want the disappointment of Battle Stadium D.O.N to ever happen again. But after seeing this super-duper long trailer... 
  ...yeah I'm pretty darn psyched about it, and anyone else who loves One Piece and also loves the Nintendo DS should also be counting down the days till it's release in just three weeks. I can still be disappointed, but man does Luffy pulling off some Gear Third moves look so incredibly fluid from this video! So, yeah, One Piece: Gigant Battle is pre-order-able in my book.
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