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Help! Back and head killing me! T-T
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I must of been on this site for 3 days strait now.....my mum came on here to see what i was doing...god she saw my last blog " OMG YURI "...and.... IM SO HAPPY SHE DONT KNOW WHAT IT WAS! XD she asked me and I was just like.... " Oh mum its like romance...you know how I love to read books ; D "  
Had to be the funniest day of my life....my younger sister ( Rogelyn 10 years old 0 was just looking at me like WTF and I looked back at her like.....If you tell her ill dislocate your finger again!...ahhh....you gotta love sisters.... 
This week I may not be on as always because im going to France! but its only for a day and I gotta get ready ( E111 cards..passport..bla bla bla...) But as soon as I get back Ill deferentially update! ( Lets pray my sister does all of my packing work! :3 )
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