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Battles » Team Toguro VS Team Soul Society

Yamamato makes the fight unfair I think.

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Battles » who in naruto could beat darth vader


@Itachi_D_Elric: Have you read any of the previous comments? I have recommended Kakashi for this, as Kamui means an insta-win for him. As I have said (I seem to be repeating myself over and over here), the only question is if Kakashi would resort to Kamui before Vader can land a killing blow.

Not really, as I was in a rush, but the rules state "no kages, no eye wielders, no jinchuriki, no sannin, no Kabuto" So i'm pretty sure Kakashi isn't an option.

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Battles » who in naruto could beat darth vader

The only person that comes to mind with all the handicaps the Narutoverse has been given is Gai. And even then that's not a sure thing. If he doesn't go straight into his Gates he doesn't have a chance in hell, and there's still nothing stopping Vader from sending out a wave of telekinetic energy (think Shinra Tensei that'll shatter bones, but without any kind of time limit) from all sides

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General Discussion » If you were in Naruto...

Overall neutral ninja during the time before the founding of Konoha, when life was filled with wars.

Chakra Natures- Katon, Raiton, Doton

Kekkai Genkai- Sharingan

Summoning Contract- Hawk

Speciality- Decent in the basic areas of Nin, Tai, and Genjutsu, with a specialization on Genjutsu specifically. Also excellent Kenjutsu skills.

Advanced healing due to experiments I performed on myself in order to increase my power.

Classification- Rogue member of the Uchiha Clan, former high ranking member. I abandoned the clan after another member killed my friend to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan and wasn't punished for the crime. I now work as a mercenary and bounty hunter, and I seek vengeance upon the clan.

Relationships- Friend to Madara and Izuna Uchiha, rival to Tobirama Senju.

Clothing-Black bodysuit, similar to the ANBU of the present day along with the same armor they possess. Mine simply happens to be a deep blood red. I possess a tiger mask and keep it attached to my left shoulder. I carry two ninja pouches, one at each side.

Weapons-Various amounts of kunai, shuriken, and scrolls. A respirator similar to Hanzo's is always in one of my pouches just in case, and I possess a katana and a tanto.

Residence- No set place, though I have bases set up in lands that will one day become the land of fire, wind, and lightning.

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Battles » Goku VS

Doesn't simply reading the manga prove Super Buu>Kid Buu? Goku fought evenly with Kid Buu as a SS3, yet he wanted nothing to do with Super Buu, even after he and Vegeta had escaped Buu's body and Buu had lost the powers he'd absorbed, AND Vegeta was there with him. He outright admitted that Super Buu was still too strong for the both of them to take on.

In terms of someone beating Goku Father from FMA Brotherhood comes to mind at the height of his powers, due to his ability to suck out a person's life and create a Philosopher's Stone.

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