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isaac_clarke replied to the topic Itachi vs 1st hokage hashirama on the Battles board.
Didn't his fight with Madara lead to his eventual death?First at this point if I also recall was giving tailed beasts away so I doubt he had their full power at his disposal. But I'd agree that the complete lack of showings of him fighting outside duking it out third for a rather lackluster performances doesn't lead to much confidence in his triumph over Itachi, who remains certainly one of ...
3 years, 1 month ago
isaac_clarke replied to the topic Nappa vs. Soi Fon, Rangiku, and Renji on the Battles board.
@MohsinMan99 said:@isaac_clarke: Unless specified, we assume a "Bloodlust:ON" condition in battles which means that each character is ready to give their all and would do anything to win.Owing to his superior speed (and other stats in general) Nappa would destroy the opposition before they can even react. Soi Fon's haxx is good but as seen with Aizen, anyone with sufficient power can negate it's (the poison) effects so it won't ...
3 years, 1 month ago
isaac_clarke replied to the topic Nappa vs. Soi Fon, Rangiku, and Renji on the Battles board.
As a lover of all things Nappa, he isn't beyond being hurt by Bleach characters. Physically, the guys chopping mountains apart from a distance swinging their swords would be capable of harming him as significantly less physical force managed to hurt both him and Vegeta. Yajirobe's sword or Gohan simply falling on Vegeta managed rather well against someone physically much more durable than Nappa.Doesn't Soi Fon have that hax tag ...
3 years, 1 month ago
@I_Bomb_Atomically said:inb4 idiots start saying that kid buu (the weakest buu here) only busted planets..even tho any one with more than 6 brain cells know that planets arent the only thing that occupy galaxies. Team Z stomps and ridiculously so. Universe Buster vs a guy who got downed from a group of lanterns shooting him in the head...rightHad a feeling you posted that post. Thank god better judgement prevented me ...
3 years, 2 months ago
isaac_clarke replied to the topic Four Tailed Naruto vs World War Hulk on the Battles board.
Normal Hulk would destroy Naruto, this constant spite-athon vice has going against Naruto is getting old.
3 years, 4 months ago
 @Destinyheroknight said: @Hellos:I believe that was Getsuga Tensho (also I talking about Reiatsu crush)Rukia was as strong as a human when Ichigo was fighting Renji (she was weaker, at that time) I doubt it, Ichigo generally announces it and I can't remember him ever using it by slamming his sword into the object itself(It's not the tetsugia lol) and I doubt it would have been wise to fire it right ...
3 years, 5 months ago
isaac_clarke replied to the topic Spiderman vs Gaara on the Battles board.
@Rapest_of_super_heros said: @Haofan123: please tell me you are joking, PLEAZE! I don't know why it's that much of a shocker.  Gaara's defenses prevented a Gated Lee from knocking his head off in a single strike and that was years ago, now it seems his defenses are even more powerful along with his offense.  He's defended against Amaterasu and the previous Kazekage just fine enough already, the only challenge is putting Spiderman down, ...
3 years, 7 months ago
Wait speed equalized? So everyone has to move at a snails pace like the daleks?  Eh whatever, assuming those shields the Daleks can be penetrated by team two, the slaughter.   I'm assuming no space time manipulation is directed to avoid BFR bananza for the two other teams right?  Does the open field have a desert for Gaara to drop on his enemies?  etc, more detail there could help since the shinobis are big on ...
3 years, 7 months ago
isaac_clarke replied to the topic Martian Manhunter Vs. Vegeta on the Battles board.
@taichokage said: He overruled Babidi's mind control and he was a planetary level telepathic who could control even the King of Demons Dabura.  Plus Anime Vegeta has shown to be able to survive in space and is a casual planet buster. Even from his very first appearance where he was thousands of times weaker than his EOS self he destroyed a planet with a two finger blast in base form.   I'm not ...
3 years, 8 months ago
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