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Highschool of the Dead is the junk food of anime and manga. You can still enjoy it even though you know it's bad for you.
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  • Kotomi is my favorite character from the first season.
  • I'm somewhat disappointed didn't see more of the other characters from the first season in After Story, but also understand that it needs to focus more on Nagisa and Tomoya.
  • After Story is much more serious and emotional than the first season, which is a good thing.
  • The comedy that is mostly in the first season is really funny.
  • I really enjoyed that most of the characters eventually got their past revealed.
  • I cried somewhat on some of the episode. Very much so on episode 18 of After Story.
  • After Story is sad and depressing.
  • The Dango  Daikazoku  song is both sad and happy:

That's all for now. I may post some more thoughts though if they pop up in my head.
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