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Most powerful anime/manga characters

This is a list of really powerful characters from anime and manga. Based off list.

1. Lord Of Nightmares

Megaversal omnipotent and smacked the writer.

2. Truth

Omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Has a godly control of alchemy and uses a system of cruel irony to punish people.

3. Tenchi Masaki

Multiversal destruction and hax with light hawk wings and is omnipotent as Kami Tenchi's avatar.

4. Featherine Augustus Aurora

Nigh-omnipotent witch who can rewrite the multiverse.

5. Haruka Kaminogi

Extremely powerful and hax multiversal reality warper. Dragon Torque is automatic defense.

6. Genie

He's Genie!!!!!!!!!!!!! But in all seriousness, he can do anything he wants to do with magic. Even breaks the 4th wall in the Kingdom Hearts manga. His wishes are drawback free and has great toonforce.

7. Noein

Multiversal reality warper.

8. Millenniummon

Multiverse destroyer as Zeedmilleniumon and is the most powerful Digimon in existence.

9. Unicron

At full power, he is able to casually destroy many universes at once, can fight against other god like beings of the Transformers series who are also at this level at power.

10. Deus Ex Machina

God of space and time who can control it completely and fully on a multiversal scale.

11. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

I just had to. He has the most random powers, can make up any power, transformation, or fusion he wants to. Can destroy dimensions.

12. Anti-Spiral

Universe destroying multiversal conqueror who was able to match TTGL in combat.

13. The Spiral Curse

A non-corporeal cosmic force that controls all spirals, including spiral galaxies. A universal force that sends galaxies flying at massively FTL speeds. Can cause insanity in large areas and can turn beings into tiny galaxies.

14. Lain Iwakura

Can combine the physical and digital worlds into one and become omnipresent as well as in control of the whole universe. High level reality warping (useful Haruhi).

15. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Multi-Galaxy to Universe level and spiral energy is really hax. Can attack in the near past and near future as well as manipulate probability. Some degree of reality warping.

16. Vishnu
17. Odin
18. Ra
19. Ultimate Shenron

Can grant any wish no matter what it is, but destroys the planet he was summoned on. Most likely universal depending on wish.

20. Zeus

The strongest god in Saint Seiya. Universe level destruction.

21. Black Shadow

Powerful character in the F-Zero anime who at base would casually destroy mountains and create a gateway to his own dimension to suck you in. He has extreme mind rape resistance. At 4 might reactors, he can wipe out many spaceships instantly and can control the movement of planets. At 5, he could control galaxy movements. With all 6, he can recreate the whole universe in his own image.

22. Arceus

Created the Pokemon universe and is the most powerful Pokemon in existence.

23. Madoka Kaname

Goddess who is omnipresent and is a universe+ reality warper.

24. Satan

Massively FTL, can destroy galaxies, created a mini universe in his hand. Also has eternal atoms.

25. Dark Schneider

Massively FTL (at least 7000 times) and is able to destroy a galaxy. Has dispel bound which is basically a shield for everything and eternal atoms provides him so that in order to kill him you need to destroy him on the physical, astral, and spiritual planes.

26. Pyron

Easily one of the most powerful Darkstalkers characters. He can grow to the size of a huge galaxy and could casually destroy them too.

27. Sailor Galaxia

Massively FTL, soul manipulation, and can destroy stars easily.

28. Whis

Massively FTL with his staff and completely outclasses god of destruction Bills who can bust solar systems.

29. Nono

Should probably be relativistic and was able to kick a black hole and destroy it.

30. Age

Can release supernova level energies when transforming into Bellcross and can absorb life force from large distances and fire huge energy beams. Relativistic.

31. Acacia
32. Froese
33. Majin Buu

The most powerful villain seen in the DBZ canon until Bills and Whis showed up. He was so powerful as Buuhan that it took Vegito to beat him. He can absorb nearly anyone he wants to and can turn anything into candy or other things.

34. Midora
35. Ichiryuu
36. Akira

Tetsuo was that powerful and only contained a FRACTION of Akira's full power. He was able to create a miniature big bang and possibly a new universe.

37. Laharl

FTL multi-planet buster with incredibly powerful magic and other dark, demonic abilities. Has been shown to effortlessly wipe out a fleet of space ships.

38. Jirou
39. Lloyd Irving

Immune to hax due to the Derris Emblem and his pact with Origin allows him to wield the Eternal Sword. Reunited the two worlds with his power. Massively hypersonic speed (was able to fly into orbit in seconds).

40. Mithos Yggdrasill

Can manipulate space and time through the Eternal Sword and split the whole planet into two worlds. Can stop time, cast powerful angel magic, and shoot powerful blasts of light. Also has a lot of magic and can fly and teleport. Massive mind rape.

41. D

Possible FTL reflexes. Immortal, can attack intangibles, elements, holograms, and non-corporals. Immune to most hax and can close up black holes and wormholes with his sword. Is VERY EXTREMELY hax.

42. Dio Brando

Very powerful vampire who is immortal and can stop time via his stand, The World. Badassary levels are off the charts!!!! (WRYYYYYYYYYYY!!! MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!!)

43. Misogi Kumagawa

All fiction......

44. Heidi

Very intelligent and creates actual black holes.

45. Arale Norimaki

Multi-planet buster with some degree of toonforce.

46. The Samurai Lord
47. Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki

Created the moon while on his deathbed. His peak power while being the Jubi's jinchuuriki should be leagues above that. Also has a bunch of creation jutsu and other hax that make him very powerful.

48. Aku

He has many powers such as: flight, shapeshifting, teleportation, immortality, does not need food, water, or air to survive, matter manipulation, energy projection, illusion creation, can grant power to others, regeneration, time manipulation, can create evil copies of people, hypnosis, can infect others to turn them evil, weather manipulation, fire breath, necromancy, can shoot laser beams from his eyes, etc. In terms of destruction, he was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, so I guess country to continent, maybe life wiper. His speed is most likely massively hypersonic. He seems to be immune to conventional weapons and attacks except for divine and godly ones.

49. Ryo Takatsuki

Antimatter manipulation and creation. Should be able to destroy planets since he can produce more than a fistful.

50. Tetsuo Shima

Light speed reactions, continental destruction, and immensely powerful telekinesis, you do not want to mess with this guy.

DBZ_universeon Dec. 16, 2013 at 2:58 p.m.

Power houses in here! Tho I think more characters are needed such as SS characters and others such as Jojo as well. But I am positive this is still under construction correct!

IndridColdon Dec. 16, 2013 at 3:12 p.m.

I wanted to add Giorno Giovanna, but he doesn't have a page. I must add Dio to this list!!!

mangafanVTon Jan. 16, 2014 at 5:15 a.m.

I disagree with deus ex being multiversal he is universal at best why ? Because when 2nd earth dissapeared deus ex was dead and yukiteru remplaced him and in the 3rd world there was another deus ex machina

KingOfAshon Jan. 24, 2014 at 7:25 p.m.

Just saying that Haruka Kaminogi has better feats than the genie.

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