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1. Tier Halibel

Tres Espada in Aizen's army

2. Tobiume

Tobiume is a spirit from Bleach

3. Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi Shihoin was the former Captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei13 as well as the former Commander of the Onmitsukidō. She abandoned her position to aid her friends Kisuke Urahara and Tessai.

4. Yoshino Soma

A female bount who was Jin Kariya's former wife. Uryu becomes close to her mostly due to her resemblance to his deceased mother.

5. Amaru

Amaru is the Jinchuriki of the Zero-Tailed Masked Leech.

6. Ameyuri Ringo

One the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and wielder of Fang, the Boltsword.

7. Animal Path (female)

Animal Path (female) is the second of the Anima Paths in the Six Paths of Pain. She was a ninja from the Hidden Rain Village and specializes in summoning jutsu.

8. Anko Mitarashi

Anko Mitarashi is a wild and energetic ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and is a proctor to the second-stage of the Chunin Exams. Once a student of the Sannin, Orochimaru, she is trained in a variety of snake based jutsu.

9. Ayame

Ayame is a young waitress of Ichiraku Ramen Bar in the Hidden Leaf Village.

10. Fubuki Kakuyoku

Fubuki Kakuyoku is a rogue-ninja from the Hidden Snow Village who works for the corrupt lord of the Land of Snow, Dotō Kazahana.

11. Fuen

Fuen is one of Group of Grave robbers that dug up four dead bodies of Monks.

12. Fuka

Fūka is a Kunoichi that appear in Filler Arc in Naruto Shippuden. She was one of the Group of Grave robbers that dug up four dead bodies.

13. Fuu

Fuu is the Jinchuriki of the Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle.

14. Guren

Guren is tasked with capturing the Three-tailed Bijuu by Orochimaru. She has the Kekkei Genkai of Crystal Release

15. Hana Inuzuka

Hana is the older sister of Kiba, and the daughter of Tsume Inuzuka. She is a medical ninja, who specializes in animal care.

16. Haruna

Haruna is the feudal lord of the Land of Vegetables. Her father forced her to live a very secluded childhood that bordered on imprisonment and because of this, she has little connection to the people of her village. After meeting Naruto, she becomes a more compassionate person.

17. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyūga is a timid, young ninja who's the heir of the Hyuga main house in the Hidden Leaf Village. With her powers of Byakugan, she's an exceptional trackers.

18. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka is a headstrong ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 10 as their medic. She uses a family ninja technique that can control the minds of her enemies.

19. Isaribi

Isaribi is a young girl from the Land of the Sea who was experimented on by Orochimaru and Amachi.

20. Kagero

Kagerō is a yong ninja of the Fuma Clan from the Land of Rice Paddies. She along with the rest of her clan were fooled by Orochimaru.

21. Karin

Karin was a guard in charge of one of Orochimaru's prison labs. Sasuke invited her to join his team because of her tracking abilities, but she'd rather ditch the others and have Sasuke all to herself.

22. Karui

Karui is a kunochi from the Hidden Cloud and a member of Team Samui. She is related to Omoi, and a student of Killer Bee, whom she respects very much. She,along with Omoi and Samui make up a very powerful team from the Land of Lightning.

23. Kin Tsuchi

Kin is a Sound Genin ordered to kill Sasuke. She failed at killing her target and was later killed by Orochimaru so he may perform a special jutsu.

24. Konan

A member of the Akatsuki who was the partner of Nagato/Pain. When Konan was young she was taken in by Jiraiya along with Yahiko and Nagato.

25. Kujaku

Kujaku a ninja from the Takumi village. She was the ringleader of the plot to extract Gaara's bijuu and use it to resurrect Seimei, the founder of the village.

26. Kurenai Yuuhi

Yuuhi Kurenai is an elite Jounin Ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, she is also Team 8's squad leader, and the teacher of Shino, Hinata, and Kiba. She had a romantic relationship with Asuma, and is carrying his only child. She specializes in Genjutsu, or the illusionary Ninja art.

27. Kurotsuchi

Kurotsuchi is a ninja from the Hidden Stone Village and the grand daughter of Onoki, the Tsuchikage.

28. Kushina Uzumaki

The host of the Nine-tail Demon Fox preceding Uzumaki Naruto. She was his mother and wife of the Hidden Leaf's Village 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze.

29. Mabui

Mabui is a dark-skinned ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village and the secretary of the Fourth Raikage, Ei Yotsuki.

30. Mai Kagestu

The youngest daughter and child of the Kagestu estate. She knows the secret behind the death of her father and attempts to help resolve the problem.

31. Maki

Maki is a ninja from the Hidden Sand Village and took part in the Shinobi Alliance.

32. Matsuri

Matsuri is a genin-ninja from the Hidden Sand Village. She admires the Kazekage greatly.

33. Mei Terumi

Mei is the most recent Kage of the Hidden Mist Village and had a rivalry with Tsunade.

34. Mikoto Uchiha

Mikoto Uchiha is the mother of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha.

35. Mito Uzumaki

Mito Uzumaki was the first Jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox and the wife of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage.

36. Nonō Yakushi

Nonō is a former member of the ANBU Black-Ops team from the Hidden Leaf Village known as the Root. She left that life to lead an orphanage.She raised Kabuto as a son and died by Danzo's manipulation.

37. Pakura

Pakura was a ninja from the Hidden Sand Village and was resurrected by the Akatsuki. Her Kekkei Genkai is the: Scorch Release.

38. Princess Fuku

Princess Fuku is the daimyo of a region in the Land of Fire. She calls for Ino Yamanaka to be her body double.

39. Rin Nohara

A medical ninja that was previously the sole female of Team Minato, and a teammate of Kakashi.

40. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno is a bright and energetic ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 7 as their medic. She was trained by the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, in both medical jutsu and combat. Now, she's a powerhouse in close-combat.

41. Samui

Samui is the stoic Kunochi from the Hidden Cloud Village. She is the leader of Team Samui.

42. Sari

Sari is a genin-ninja from the Hidden Sand Village.

43. Sasame Fuma

Sasame is a ninja of the Fuma Clan in the Land of Rice Fields. She's searching for her cousin Arashi, who was taken by Orochimaru.

44. Shiho

Shiho is a member of the Cryptanalysis Squad in the Hidden Leaf Village.

45. Shizune

Shizune is a level-headed ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. She's the apprentice and personal assistant to the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade.

46. Suzume

Suzume is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village who teaches at the Ninja Academy.

47. Suzumebachi

Suzumebachi is one of filler character on Naruto's filler Arc. She is the leader, and only female member, of the Kamizuru clan.

48. Tayuya

Tayuya is a foul-mouthed ninja of the Hidden Sound Village and a member of the Sound Four.

49. Temari

The eldest of the three Sand Siblings, able to control the wind.

50. Tenten

Tenten is a fierce ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 9. She's an expert in weapon based combat.

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