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I'm a veteran of the Whiskey Media sites (Giant Bomb, mostly) who just recently got into the whacky world that is anime.  I used to subscribe to the Jeff Gerstmann belief that "anime is for jerks", but have since substantially softened that view.  I've come to realize that anime, much like every other genre of visual media, comes in many shapes and sizes, and that if one simply gives it a chance, they'd find something to like. 
Besides, my voyeuristic appreciation for Japan as well as my love of video games seems like it would lead to a natural appreciation of anime.  I've finally given into that fact. 
I enjoy writing greatly, so if you like something I write, I greatly appreciate it.  Hell, if you REALLY like something I write (and why the hell WOULD you?), then go ahead and check out my blogger blog.  
and for those into sweaty men slamming each other... in a purely athletic competition.
 Until then... I loe you all.
-Imperious Rix
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