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Son Goku Warrior Bio:

"I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!"

The Modern Sun Wukong, the father of Shonen, the Super Saiyan, the Mighty Son Goku! Hailing from the warlike Saiyans but raised to be good amoungst humans Son Goku stands for all that is Righteous and Good in the Universe! Let’s see what kinds of powers he brings to the fight.

(The version we will be using is SSJ 1-3 Goku from the end of the DBZ Manga)

Physical Stats:

As a warrior Goku has constantly trained with fervor and dedication far past the peak of normal humans. By the end of DBZ he was at a strength far higher and being hit constantly by characters of similar strength, but using his magnificent ki he can amplify his strength and endurance and move planetoids and resist the attacks of characters who can perform similar strength feats. Goku is a martial artist and a combat genius having creating entire styles of martial arts based on animals completely on improv. He has trained in many known styles of martial arts and has attained an extremely high level of skill and finesse as well.

Mental Stats:

Mentally while Goku seems rather childish he has the mindset of a warrior, and a very noble one at that. However beneath that warrior also lies the primacy that is within every Saiyan. It is this combination of dedication and fury that makes Goku such a dangerous opponent. He has also proven extremely resistant to mental strain, fighting for hours without signs of tiring. When left to train alone on a spaceship he pushed himself to the brink of death 4 times so as to recover stronger then ever. His mental discipline also allows him to react at speed at least nearing the speed of light considering how he can react and dodge energy beams.

Potential Stats:

Goku as a Saiyan has a technically infinite potential improvement possibility. Every time a Saiyan nearly dies but survives they receive a massive power up known as a zenkai. However for this single combat Goku’s potential is already very high. He can create energy beams of extreme potential to the point that his signature beam known as the Kamehameha Wave, (often abreviated to the first word) can level large planets alone. After full acceleration Goku can also move at Hyper Sonic Speeds. However he also has his more powerful weapon- The Super Saiyan State 1-3 (abbreviated SSJ). Goku can power up to SSJ 1-3 and each form multiplies his power.The sheer act of powering up to SSJ causes storms all over the planet Namek. Goku’s very presence in SSJ is enough to move large chunks of planets. These forms drain energy quickly but Goku can maintain them for signifigant amounts of time. Goku has also shown the ability to turn potential ki into gravity wells and to create forcefields with his ki.

Ability Stats:

Close-Range: Dragon Fist: Goku’s preferred Melee Attack, He lunges at his enemy with a powerful punch channeling his Ki through his fist to cause a huge surge of power to knock out the enemy.

Mid Range: Kiai: Goku’s yells sounds out huge shockwaves capable of tearing open the walls of dimensions. A very potent power, the two functions can be used together to knock an unsuspecting enemy into another dimension.

Long Range: Genki Dama: Goku can gather energy from all life surrounding him and the Ki that the life holds which turns into a huge ball of Energy and hurl it at this enemy. It has a very long start-up time but it can completely vaporize most opponents.


Special Abilities: Goku has a myriad of other powers to aid him, he like many DBZ characters, can sense Ki which is helpful is determining the potential power of an enemy. He has Shukan Ido which allows him to teleport to where he chooses if he can concentrate. He also had Zanzoken where he uses his speed to create an afterimage that tricks the enemy.

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