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I don't really want to post my current info, thank you very much.
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For those waiting for my Superman vs. Goku fight I am just giving an quick update with the status. I have all the scans and have done all the calculations (the results are amazing!) but I am still writing up the fight itself. So that will problably be done in a day or two.

Besides that I am giving a projection of the rest of the fights I have planned for "season one" if you will. I am planning 8 episodes per season with the last one being decided by viewer suggestion, this is my current line-up although it is subject to change.

2: Mewtwo vs. Machinedramon

3: Naruto vs. Ichigo vs. Luffy

4: The Death Star vs. The Enterprise

5: Power Rangers vs. Necromorphs

6: Godzilla vs.Gamera

7: Eternal Sailor Moon vs. God Emperor of Mankind

8: Viewer Suggestion

Thoughts on the current-line as well as ideas for the last matchup are appreciated.

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