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After the Kunzite Arc there are 2 episodes left in the ast season of Sailor Moon, episode 45 (The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle!) and episode 46 (Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation!). As it is only those two episodes and because I will putting the videos of most of these feats in I will not be citing each feat as I normally do.


Sailor Moon:

Physical: Sailor Moon survives many attacks from Dark Endymion, who is on par with the Shitennou. Also either the damage was not as bad as it seemed or she has a noticable healing factor.

Attacks: The Moon Tiara Action manages to signifigantly wounds Prince Endymion despite his incredible endurance.

Other Powers: While this is unlikely to come up in most fights it should be noticed that Sailor Moon can break Prince Endymion out from being brainwashed due to their connection.

The video of her feats is under the "Prince Endymion" Section.

Princess Serenity:

Physical: Tanks one of Super-Beryl's Attacks before their battle begins.

Mental: Trained her whole life to use the ginzuisho and is thus much more adept with using it then then in her Sailor Moon form.

Attacks: The Moon Healing Escalation was roughly equaling Super-Beryl's power. She was then able to call forth the power of her deceased friends and obliterated Super-Beryl.

Other Powers: As she was dying from the battle she reverts to Base Sailor Moon and calls forth the full power of the ginzuisho which reverts time back to the very beginning of the series and completely wipes the entire Dark Kingdom (including Queen Metallia) from existence. And yes, this is still the first season.

The video of her feats is under the "Super-Beryl" Section.



Sailor Mercury:

Physical: Survives an attack from three of the DD Girls and still had the strength to crash the illusion-making gem with her supercomputer.

Mental: Quickly realizes the DD Girls' illusions and was able to sue her supercomputer to quickly learn their physiology and weaknesses.

Movement: Dodges the DD Girl's Magma Ball.

Attacks: The extreme cooling effect of the Bubble Spray is seen. The First time it is used it quickly turns magma into earth and the second time it used a bubble shield sher so that she can enter the magma unharmed.

Her feats in the episode can be seen here:



Sailor Mars:

Physical: Survives an attack by the strongest of the DD Girls and an explosion of the ice pillar she was in. Then her attack causes a huge explosion destroying the rest of the ice pillar, she still survives that.

Attacks: The Fire Soul one-shots a DD Girl twice. It also shows the incredibly accuracy to hit a DD Girl through a small hole, her mystic sensing may have aided her aim. The second time the Fire Soul was used it destroys the rest of the Ice Pillar she was on.

Her feats in the episode can be seen here:



Sailor Jupiter:

Physical: Tanks an attack from all 5 DD Girls, has her own Supreme Thunder go in her face and still manages to survive for a short bit of time.

Attack: Her Supreme Thunder was strong enough to disintegrate two of the DD Girls and knock the other three every which way and the leftover energy created a giant ice pillar.

Her feats in the episode can be seen here:



Sailor Venus:

Physical: Sailor Venus survives being attacked by three of the DD Girls and being completely engulfed in magma unprotected without a scratch.

Mental: It is shown that Sailor Venus percieves danger as flashing red spots which is how she saw the DD Girls' attempt to ambush Sailor Moon.

Movement: Sailor Venus reacted fast enough to push Sailor Moon out of the way of the DD Girls' ambush.

Attacks: The Crescent Beam was strong enough to disintegrate a DD Girl and cause enough force to cause a giant ice pillar on the surface when she used it from so far underground there was magma!

Her feats in the episode can be seen here:




Prince Endymion

Physical: Dark Endymion completely resists Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation. He then survives a Moon Tiara Action and being hit with a negative-energy infused stone shard. He also shows lots of skill with his sword and his rose attacks.

Movement: Dark Endymion was able to move faster then Sailor Moon could react. Make of that what you will.

Attacks: Dark Endymion was able to infuse his sword and his roses with negative energy to the point where they could harm Sailor Moon. His roses could also trap people and electrify them with negative energy if he wished. He also displayed the ability to shoot pure negative energy out of his hands while he was choking Sailor Moon. Later, despite being wounded, he was able to, off the cuff, fling a rose with enough accuracy that it went through the center of Queen Beryl's stone shard splitting into many pieces and hitting Queen Beryl straight on. The roes, infused with the positive energy of Prince Endymion's love for Sailor Moon inflicted a mortal wound on Queen Beryl.

Endymion and Sailor Moon's feats in the episode can be seen here:


Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl is the ruler of the Dark Kingdom, the greatest of it's sorceresses, and it's high priestess of Queen Metallia. She has had a few feats here and there throughout the season however I have been saving up to write a complete piece on her here. She is easily stronger then the Shitennou and by powerscaling is at their levels of every stat, however she has a few substantial feats of her own.

Mental: Queen Beryl is capable of running the entire Dark Kingdom, co-ordinating the entirety of it's battle strategies while spending most of her time communing with Queen Metallia and bringing further negative energy and consequently youma into existence. She also has full memory of her hundreds of years of existence and thus has high experience.

Reflex: Queen Beryl dosen't exactly have many movement feats given that she is most often completely stationary. However she does have a highly notable reflex feat in episode 2 (Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Monster Mansion!) where she reacts to Jadeite entering her coutroom despite the fact that he was teleporting in the form of light.

Attacks: Queen Beryl has a very unusual attack. In episode 13 (Girl Power! The End of Jadeite!) it is shown that she can send out a quick, spammable eye beam that can put whoever is hit by it into eternal sleep. However she does have more conventional attacks. In episode 35 (Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past!) she casually sends out a beam of energy that one-shots Zoicite too fast for either Zoicite or Kunzite to react too. Her attacks also have notable range. In episode 23 (Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru's Pure Love!) her merely being angry at Nephire created so much negative energy that it threatened to destroy her entire courtroom.

Other Powers: As a sorceress Queen Beryl has a few other tricks up her sleeve. As seen in episode 1 (Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation!) and many episodes afterwards Queen Beryl can cause objects to levitate and can telekinetically throw them if wished. In episode 11 (Usagi vs. Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland!) it is shown that she can see anywhere on Earth she wishes. She can create illusions anywhere she can see as seen in episode 33 (The Last Sailor Warrior, Sailor Venus Appears!) Also in episode 12 (I Want a Boyfriend Too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise!) she displays the ability to teleport others against their whim when she teleports Jadeite to her against his will after his latest failure killed her servant Thetis.


After Prince Endymion mortally wounds Queen Beryl she begs the now fully risen Queen Metallia to give her more power so she can kill Sailor Moon. Queen Metallia agrees and the supercharged Queen Beryl, who dosen't have an offical name, is usually called Super-Beryl by the fans.



Physical: Super-Beryl is gigantic. I mean gigantic. To give you an idea:

that pillar she dwarfs is actually a giant ice pillar. Princess Serenity is actually on top of that but you can't see her because she is too small to be seen in comparison. So from sheer size Super-Beryl has kaiju-like strength and durability.

Attacks: Super Beryl can launch giant bursts of dark energy. A Casual blast created that pillar. A full blast from her was stronger then Princess Serenity's Moon Healing Escalation.

Other Powers: You recall how the power of members of the Dark Kingdom are judged in power by how quickly they can drain positive energy? A basic youma could draw energy from a single human or will lots of effort/help could draw energy from a room. A promoted youma could casually draw energy from a room, a Shitennou could draw energy from an entire building casually and Kunzite at his fullest was able to draw energy from an entire city. Well right before her battle with Princess Serenity, Super-Beryl draws out all the positive energy of the whole world, casually.

The Battle between Princess Serenity and Super-Beryl can be seen here:

Queen Metallia

Physical: Queen Metallia is an eldritch abomination, it just absorbs energy attacks which it does to the powered up attacks of the senshi in episode 44 (Usagi's Awakening! A Message from the Distant Past!) Queen Metallia absorbs energy which allows it to grow, which is why it wants the ginzuisho which is essentially a perpetual energy generator. It should be noted that in the time span of a few weeks (from episodes 44-46) it grows the from being a few sunspots to engulfing the entire sun in darkness. Back in the past during the time of the Silver Millenium, by which I mean the flashback in episode 44 (stated above) it was large enough to completely block out the sky. Also she survived being right next to the sun which denotes incredible durability to physical power (gravity of the Sun is enough to crush even large planets down) and heat resistance.

Mental: Queen Metallia is an eldritch abomination and like all good eldrtich abominations has a vast and terrible source of knowledge of all things man was not meant to know. On a more practical note Queen Metallia manipulates actions on a cosmic scale and lends it's dark enrgy to mortals in order to tempt them and cause general destruction to allow it to eat it the escaped positive energy. Also it should be noted Queen Metallia has shown the abiity to be in multiple places at once, appearing simeoultaneously as multple sunspots while at the same time appearing as a pool of negative energy speaking to Queen Beryl.

Movement: Queen Metallia was able to get from the Sun to Earth in only a few moments exerting no effort in doing so in epiosde 46 (Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation!)

Attacks: Queen Metallia can casually launch city-level attacks from orbit as seen in episode 44 (Usagi's Awakening! A Message from the Distant Past!) which she does to the Moon Kingdom. As she casually gave Queen Beryl enough power to become the planetary entity Super-Beryl and blotted out the entire sun it can be assumed that she is a planet buster.


The DD Girls:

The DD Girls are an elite group of promoted youma. In episode 12 the single promoted youma Thetis gave trouble to Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars at the sme time. Each of the DD Girls is roughly equal to Thetis in stats although with a few extra things too note.

Physical: The DD Girls can survive easily in lava and can quickly burrow far underground shoing an incredible arm strength and durability.

Mental: The DD Girls can strategize and can cooperate well.

Movement: The DD Girls can fly, and can fly amost faster then the senshi can react too as seen in their fight with Sailor Mars.

Attacks: The DD Girls can create magma and hurl it at their opponents. They can also sprout and detract tentacles at will which can be used to electrocute their enemies.

Other Powers: The strongest of the DD Girls, their leader (the one in the center of the picture for the record) has a gem on her forehead that can project illusions. This was usually used by them to create an illusion of the person their enemy cared for most so they would be hesistant to strike.

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