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A Demon is born with many powers from all dimension and his birth causes many Dimensions to merge with the dimension called Gehenna. Many Researchers and Scientists went there in uncountable numbers from many Dimensions but to be never heard again. Then after some years they came back but dead. This is the first time the word murder or dead was introduced in The Pokemon world causing Ash and his friends to be able to go back to their world but surprisingly they heard about this and wanted to solve this too so they looked for a way to Gehenna. Researchers from the Fairy Tail Dimension survived and told the horrors they saw and told this "This is the world of demon. They are gonna attack all the dimensions soon and they exploded with blood all over. then more survivors came telling there is a dimension called Assiah which is linked with it. They defeat these Demons for more than 600 years and these survivors didn't explode. somehow there was a gate linking all these Dimensions Except Assiah and some others. The Demons formed an alliance with the Demon that came to existence and made him the New king since Satan maybe died after the big battle or survived but they could not confirm that. The dimension then formed an organization called "The Hope". They chose the most strongest people/groups/guilds of all time.

1.The Z Fighters 2.Fairy Tail 3.Sabertooth 4.Ash and his friends and the Special/Mythical/Legendary Pokemon 5.Straw Hats

The Organization consist of these five.

The Z Fighters was the leading group due to their Unimaginable Power. Each Group had a leader. Fairy Tail:Makorov, Sabertooth: Sting, Pokemon World: Arceus, Straw Hats: Luffy and The Z Fighters: Son Goku

All of the teams in a matter of hours build a base in the middle of all dimensions the no space and life dimension where only existed the base and nothing else in the whole dimension. The base surprisingly had an area of 700,000 km and had an army of 1 Million troops with soldiers from all these Five dimensions. They prepared a squad to sent to Gehenna. Natsu was Fired up as always and Gray was Fired up too. Erza bought a demon slaying armor while Sting and Rogue practiced some magic while Arceus asked Zekrom to accompany them. Luffy was moving around like a kid jumping around from one place to another in excitement. Goku was eating a lot of food for energy maybe a million plates while Vegeta was doing 2 million push-ups with a 3 ton box on his back. everyone was ready to go although they decided to party and know each other after the mission.

They Entered through a human created gate to Gehenna.

To be continued.

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