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1. Kana

I think she was far too friendly and hilarious for me to not have her as my first favourite. She was also in the first anime I watched, Haibane Renmei, so she's somewhat nostalgic for me.

2. Yuki Nagato

She's cute, in a lot of ways, and I like how her character was developed.

3. Makoto Kikuchi

Makoto is friendly, sweet and lovable, so it's impossible to dislike her. Her persionality is appealing, and her Xenoglossia character is also very sympathetic to me.

4. Suruga Kanbaru

She's hilarious and perverted, and her character design is pretty cool. Her story arc is cool, too.

5. Hana Katsuragi

I like her character design, plus she can be very caring and loyal to people she cares about, though I think it's sort of cool when she's being a bully, too.

6. Badou Nails

He's funny, and he's Badou Nails.

7. Ryoko Asakura

She's psychotic and altruistic at the same time. I think her character is very intruiging.

8. Takeshi Yamamoto

He's genuinely a nice person, and doesn't try to hide the fact he's a little stupid. It's refreshing to see a character that's so kind that isn't hiding a secret ulterior motive.

9. Austria

Austria is an adorable character and a lovely country, not to mention I love his references to classical music.

10. Rei Ayanami

I'm sure a lot of people will understand why Rei is on my favourites list.

11. Izaya Orihara

He's a troll of epic proportions.

12. Shizuo Heiwajima

Shizuo is a funny and honest guy, and he's so cool when he fights. He has amazing battle scenes and even amazing normal scenes, and his bartender suit and sunglasses are an awesome combo.

13. Hitagi Senjogahara

How can one not love Senjougahara's vitriolic remarks?

14. Motoko Gettou

She's violent and rough and perverted and honest and rough and hilarious and so likable.

15. Sakurako Amamiya

Her development as a character, as well as her personality, is very good!

16. South Italy


17. Yomi Isayama

Yomi is Yomi.

18. Ennis

Ennis is adorable.

19. Yayoi Takatsuki

She's innocent, hard-working, kind, and very cute!

20. Road Kamelot

Road is confusing, interesting, funny and creepy all in a very amazing and awesome person!

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