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Well just started my first list and hope to update every week in between work.
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Just some of the anime I have watched

This is unfortunatly another one of THOSE lists but it is partly to share with everyone the anime I have watched and partly so that I can keep track of series and films I have seen. 
Hopefully it can introduce new shows that others may have missed but can still enjoy. This list has been done in no real sense of order for now and is meerly based on anime I believe to have seen the whole series of  or is still running.
1. Clannad

Fantastic series that had my in fits of laughter and also brought tears to my eyes. Throughly enjoyed the whole series. In fact it sums up all my devoution to anime, strength of characters, story, music, comedy, drama, joy, sadness and the sense that anyone watching this would relate to one the characters.

2. Vampire Hunter D

Possibly the very first anime I saw, a bit extreme for a 14 yr old but it got me hooked.

3. Ergo Proxy

Dark and thought provoking series that although did not always have me drooling for the next episode kept me interested all the way through with a good story and well thought out charcters. Also has a very impresive soundtrack that is unforgetable.

4. 009-1

Recently watched this, intresting art style and some fairly good episodes but over all not to my liking.

5. One Piece

It was an AMV by many lemons that I saw on a now defunct website that got me intigued in this series, almost 500 episodes later and quite a few films and specials and this has to be one still one of my favourite shows.

6. Basilisk

Very good show and one I would highly recommend if you enjoyed Ninja Scroll. Enchanting love story set admist two war ninja clans with some incredibly scripted fight scenes.

7. Kanon (2006)

A romantic comedy that delivers not only one an enchanting story but also some great comedy momments.

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