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Just Anime » Guilty Pleasure Anime

My guilty pleasure anime or at least my most recent one would have to be Sekirei.  For some reason, I can help but feel that someone who reads this is telling me, "come on man.  I need more fetishy skeletons in your closet than that."  But I mean, I can't exactly imagine any of my friends getting into this show.  Sekirei has loads of fanservice and sexual content, and yet I find it good entertainment as far as fanservice shows go.  There's a plot involved and not just episodic, "get the spineless male character turned on while also beating him up to death for being a coincidental pervert" plots.  The animations are good, and best of all, the girls don't just have "T", they have "A" too!  Most of them have ass and hips to go with there upper curves. 
Actually this makes me wonder, is there exactly such a thing as a "guilty pleasure" at this point when it comes to viewing anime?  Many anime fans will watch almost anything and everything and I assume their fellow peers who are also probably anime fans wouldn't really care so much to want to discriminate them.  The only shows I can think of that would be a guilty pleasure for anime fans are either fanservice/hentai shows with the most unusual fetishes or edited dubs of shows that seemed to be hated by the general anime community.  I mean, I still like the edited, 3-part Digimon movie from back in 2000.  I still like the Dragonball Z dub despite it not meeting todays standards now.  I mean that's nostalgia!  You can't expect me to hate my own nostalgia, the parts of my more care-free lifestyle when I was a kid. 
Actually you know what, even though it has been ages since I watched it, I think I still like the Cardcaptors dub.  Heck, I know I like the Shaman King dub also because again, nostalgia.
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Just Anime » Reasons to watch anime.

I would say the first and main reason to watch Japanese animation is for the sake of exploring a new form of television/film entertainment in case say you've either grown tired of American cartoons or reality shows or you happen to have watched an anime show broadcasted along with your favorite American shows on the same channel, so it gave you more variety in terms of what to watch.  I've actually qualify for the latter scenario and still do to this day to some extent.  I mean I love anime, but I don't personally hate American animated shows or some other television programming just because it's domestic.  I mean, I honestly find Phinneas and Ferb funny along with Kick Buttowski, Ben 10, Generator Rex, Chowder and Adventure Time and the very popular South Park and Futurama.  And then there were Disney Films and now Pixar films. 
That being said though, while there is a much content and humor in American animation I still like, I feel there's either a some content that gets old for me or content that only the Japanese have thought of in animation.  There would be stories and the way they're told, the sense of showing what a key animator can do every several episodes of a show, or themes only expored in Japanese animation.  That's still the case somewhat today, but it felt easer and more accessible to get into anime either during the 90's or early 2000's.  With few anime on American television anymore, any average person who thought of exploring anime would have to look extensively online through streaming and unless you had a veteran anime viewer to properly guide you through good accessible shows worth exploring, there's a good chance that person could watch some harem/moe/otaku show and think, "woah, woah, woah, hold on!!  This is the reason to watch anime, seriously?  Female underwear, bouncing boobs, and weird candy-colored hairstyles?"  I did that somewhat with my 10 year-old sister and while she's not an anime fans by a long shot, she's into Big Windup, Sgt Frog, and even K-ON to some extent (I think there's some content in K-ON she wouldn't get). 
However if you find the good quality shows in Japanese animation worth exploring in terms of accessibility, you find storytelling, themes, content, and even animation styles somewhat yet to be explored in Amercian cartoons or even Hollywood films or television dramas.
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Just Anime » How would you replace some of some of the english dub voices?

In other words, he should have "Macho man" Randy Savage's speech patterns.  I can see the comic relief in that, though I think Funimation didn't apply much of that in the first place in order to not make Hercule sound too goofy.  Though I wouldn't mind it, especially since Hercule as a character isn't meant to be SOO great that his voice should be justified for it. 
Now english dub roles I would replace?  I honestly have no idea.  It's not like when I see a voice actor play the role of a character, I worry about whether or not the voice is as appealing or whether it mimicks the Japanese actor.  I really worry about whether they can act the parts of any scenario the character is in.  Like I'm no big fan of D. Gray-man, but I hear some of Yu Kanda played by Travis Willingham in the dub and by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version and I think, "okay, Travis's voice may not sound like a fangirl's heart would melt, nor has he ever played as Cloud from anything Final Fantasy.  But so what?  Does he do the best job at sounding like an angry, bitter warrior or whatever who always acts as if he's got a porcupine up his ass?" 
The only way I could be curious as to what this character would sound like if replaced by a different english actor is if I knew the  other actors that auditioned for the part of a character, but never got it.  For example, I heard on an ANNcast episode in which Liam O' Brien was the guest of the week and during the episode, he mentioned how he auditioned for the part of Ichigo from Bleach, but Johnny Yong Bosch got the part instead.  Hearing that makes me curious as to how Liam O' Brien would sound and act as Ichigo if given the chance.     
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Just Anime » Dubs or Subs?

 I usually favor dubs simply because it's what I'm most comortable with.  I've been used to viewing anime in the english language since I first knew the existence of both Pokemon, Digimon and Toonami and I never genuinely found it bothersome to my ears.  Sometimes I would find parts of certain dubs sound weird, funny, or mediocre, but I would for the most part just brush it off and in the end result find the language I'm most familar with entertaining.  That's not to say I don't watch a show in Japanese with subtitles.  I've donely plenty of that for nearly 2 years now and I've never found the Japanese language bothersome on the ears.  That being said, I'm not as familiar with the Japanese language so it's not like if I had to choose between an english version and a Japanese version of a show, I would pick the Japanese track.  Unless there were a few actors who's voices sounded appealing to me or something, then by default I would go with the dub.  Only if say I have a show on DVD in dual audio and I want to know what these characters sound like in Japanese or how I would feel by watching the whole show in Japanese audio for once, then I wouldbe curious enough to watch in Japanese.  Or if say I wanted to watch a show dubbed and I can't find any episodes dubbed to watch, then I would have to resort to the Japanese track.
"Some anime fans tend to be ignorant about dubs, some may say that dub animes always suck. 
There are Japanese voice acting that's just plain terrible. If some would say that dub animes always "suck," then Goku's twelve-year-old, hi-pitch, voice is better than his English? 
The later episodes of Tenchi Muyo OVA was the first time were I chose the Japanese over the English, mainly because some of the original English voice actors didn't reprise their roles and got replaced with terrible ones."

This is just my theory, but I think when fans complain about a dub and how it's inferior to the Japanese version, they complain about how the voice alone from an actor would not sound as appealing as it did in Japanese.  Some exmples of criticism I see almost anywhere would be that the voice didn't sound as sexy, cute, manly, moe, funny, etc. or that the voice actor applied "this" type of voice for the umpteenth time.  "He/she sounds the same in this role as he/she did in all his/her other roles." 
Now fans can have their opinion about whether a voice sounded as good dubbed as they felt it should.  But I personally believe that voice acting is more to do with the acting than the voice.  Granted voice work is more to do with the voice compared to film or stage acting, but at the same time actors/actresses will use as much of their voice to express the emotions, mood, tone, and personality of a character whenever neccesary.  Now when I think about it, as much as I hear fans complain about the voice, other than an occasional critic, I don't hear fans complain anywhere near as much about whether or not that actor well, "acted out" a certain scene as that the character they play.  And like other talented careers like animation, music, or cooking, if a voice actor did a scene that did not make the audience register in their heads "he/she acted badly in this part," then that's the same as a complimenting the voice actor for nailing that scene because the viewers didn't have anything to critize about it. 
Also about voice actors/actresses applying the same voice to different characters, considering in most anime shows it's uncommon to find main characters as talking space frogs, or chibi demons and more commonly as boys/girls or a certain age or personality, it can't be helped if voice actors can't use as many varied voices in dubs.  That aside, even if an actor applies the same voice for multiple characters, it's not like all the characters are similar in personality.  For example take Johnny Yong Bosch as Ichigo and Lelouch.  He obviously apply the same vocal range for both characters, but he expresses the voices differently based on those two character's personalities.  Ichigo is a serious guy who always has stuff on his mind and can come with a punkish and somewhat cocky attitude.  Lelouch however acts pretty elegant yet sometimes with a ruling attitude to the point where he can sound kinda pompous.  He can even be a bit maniacal with power and very emotional. 
So despite Johnny applying the same vocal range to Ichigo and Lelouch, he captures both of their different personalities.  Ichigo doesn't act like Lelouch and Lelouch doesn't act like Ichigo. 
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