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Clannad » Have you ever cried while watching/playing Clannad?

ZoidsPilot100 said:
"Fuuko was the worst character on the show, I don't see why anyone likes a retarded girl.

Kyou is my favorite and she doesn't even get an arc in the show! Storage room scene = win.
Tomoyo After OVA made me get manly wet eyes."

My thoughts exactly, I really dislike Fuko. What was even worse, is they had quite a lengthy arc for a character that really didn't deserve one. I contemplated whether or not I should keep watching, when the Fuko story started up. Dragged on for far too long, I kept thinking "If I have to see her give out another starfish..." It was almost the end for me.

And I agree, I love Kyou. Storage room was all sorts of win. I just finished watching 18, and I have no desire to keep watching. It was fairly obvious that Tomoya would end up with Nagisa (despite what some people might say) You could tell from the first few episodes how it would turn out. Kyou and Tomoyo are my favorite, would have loved to seen Tomoya with Kyou as they actually make an interesting and "realistic" couple. Nagisa x Tomoya don't really fit in my eyes. Oh, and for the other reason that Kyou is a far more interesting, real and entertaining character than Nagisa will ever be. Lack of Kyou or Tomoyo + Nagisa x Tomoya = My interest in this anime is over. Unfortunately.
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Cowboy Bebop » This is what I don't like about animes...

I agree with Lemegeton300, it's all about the quality. Now, I'm not saying that shorter animes are always superior, but from my experience that's usually the case.  They have a set story in mind, they don't have to worry about filler and expanding it further than it needs to go. No sidetracking. Some say that it's more difficult to get into the characters with shorter animes, but if the narrative is quality, character development and "attachment" isn't an issue. Obviously I'm bummed when an anime I enjoy ends at 13-23 episodes, but as long as the ride was great, I'm satisfied.
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