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HELP ME!!! I can't find a subbed streaming video of Sukitte Iinayo!!! I can't find one any where!!!
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I was trying to look up one of my favorite mangas on this sight, then I realized that no one had started a page for it. It's an endearing story called Sora Log. It is about a young high school girl named Hikaru. She is a part of the astronomy club at her school. One day she goes to view the stars with the friends in her astronomy club. She arrives early and gazes up at the stars. Upon seeing a shooting star she begins to cry. "So beautiful," she says. She stood in the park gazing up at the sky, having no idea a strange boy was also there. He had been gazing up at the stars, too... until she walked right into him. He asked if she knew about him. She was confused and said no. He smiled for a split second and ripped her tears. "Don't tell anyone about this," he said. She replied, "If I keep this a secret can we meet again?" What will happen to these two people who met by chance. Will fate bring them a happy ending or will it throw them into a tornado for lost memories and past promises. If you want to find out read it.

Thank you for reading, Sage.

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I just read a really good manga.  It's called Shinshi Doumei Cross.   It's a really good manga.  It's also a completed series, so you don't have to wait for more chapters to come up.  I love the plot line and the way the author shows the unique characteristics of each person in the story.  I also love the main character's love interest.  He is so protective and shy all the time, so cute of him.  I wish it would become an anime show, too.  This manga has a total of 48 chapters with an average of about 30, or so, pages in each chapter.  That makes roughly about 1,440 pages in all.  It's a great read and I hope that you will look at it next time you get the time.  This manga can be read online for free at and    
Thank You for reading, 
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Yay!!!!!!!! After going through almost all the romance manga on I found the manga I was looking for it's called Romance From The Thumb.  I know the name is weird but this manga is a really good read.  The genres are comedy, romance, school life, and shoujo.  I would recommend it to girls who need an uplifting story to brighten their mood.  This manga can be viewed at for free.  However, unfortunately, it can't be viewed on 
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I read this really good manga a couple months back and I can't remember the name of it.  It is about a high school girl and she was a massage artist.  She was obsessed with massaging people.  She liked it because she made other people feel good.  She then met a boy her age who was super tense.  She kept asking to massage his back but he kept refusing ( later in the story you find out that it is because he feels sleepy when he is being massaged ).  They eventually fall in love and start dating and she gets to massage him.  I love this manga and I want to read it again.  Please, tell me the name if you know it, and if you don't I still recommend it as a good read.  
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I have been grounded for a super long time and haven't been able to go on the computer.  I finally did a web search and ended up here, the greatest anime website I have ever been to.  Now I'm surrounded and immersed in a world that I can be happy in.  I have others that like the same things I do and people will stop telling me to get my head out of the clouds or to stop thinking about stupid fantasies.  I can be myself and not have to worry about what others think, because we are all the same here.  We are all anime lovers.
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