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 With the recent rage over Gai's celestial gate move "Afternoon Tiger" I thought we should discuss the actual power of the attack.
   Morning Peackock punches are supersonic  

Gai punches so fast he heats up the air and creates shockwaves.

Then his punch becomes much faster for the afternoon tiger 

And it makes a big impact. As you can see, it appears that the shockwave generated is larger than the island where Naruto and crew were on.

Keep in mind this huge impact, was felt all the way on the island, Naruto and crew had to brace for it. 

So what do you guys think? Would you classify this attack as: 
Multi-city block 
Personally in scale I think it is close to island, likely he could destroy a mountain with it. 
Also how powerful do you guys think it is compared to other Naruto high destructive attacks, like: 
-4 Tails Blast 
-6 Tails Blast 
-Pain City Bust 
I will show them for comparison: 
 Power of 4 tails, enough to destroy the Triple rashamon defense

Power of 6 tails

Pain's city bust 


Also, If you like, show other destructive attacks from the HST (Luffy's gear 3rd punch, Ulquira's Lance Attack ect) and compare the damage output.
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