Strongest Akatsuki Members

Strongest Members of the Akatsuki, not including Madara/Tobi

1. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi possesses the Mangekyo Sharingan, in which he is able to use Amaterasu (a flame said to be as hot as the sun) Tsuyokomi (a genjutsu in which within it Itachi is the master of time and space) And Susanoo, which contains the nearly unbreakable Yata's Mirror shield (this sheild tanked Sasuke's gigantic Kirin lightning attack), and the Sword of Totsuka, which is said to be able to seal any foe away for eternity, in a dreamy genjutsu. When using Susanoo, Zetsu referred to Itachi as being "invincible." Besides the MS techniques and mastery of regular Sharingan (which allows the reading and copying of enemies movements) Itachi has also been shown to be a master of all genjutsu, easily defeating genjutsu master Kuranai, and being able to cast powerful illusions with his finger. Itachi demonstrated incredible taijutsu speed and skill while fighting at less then 50 percent of his power against Kakashi, Kuranai and Asuma. The fact that Kakashi had trouble perceiving Itachi's movements (even with his own Sharingan) is a testament to Itachi's speed. Itachi is also adept at fire and water jutsu's and is a mater of using bunshins mixed with genjutsu in his fights. Itachi was also able to perform one of the uchiha clans legendary forbidden dojutsu, izanami.

2. Nagato

The Sixth Paths of Pain are used by Nagato to accomplish Akatsuki's goals via the power of the Rinnegan. Each path has extraordinary powers, and each shares their field of vision via Rinnegan. Deva Path- able to manipulate a gravity like force to an extent that he can destroy cities and mountains, as well as construct mini moons. Deva Path has also shown high durability, speed, and taijutsu skills. Deva Path can also fly. Animal Path- able to summon many giant summons, all of which also have the Rinnegan eyes. Preta Path- able to absorb chakra's. Human Path- able to read minds and rip out the souls of opponents. Asura Path- an adroid like path capable of shooting missiles, this path is incredibly physically strong. Naraka Path- able to summon the outer path, and is quite physically strong. Outer Path- a godlike being summoned by the Naraka Path, resembling King Enma this path has control over life and death. The Outer Path is not considered part of the Six Paths of Pain.

3. Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame is extremely adept at using water jutsu's and possesses incredible physical strength, and is an expert at using said strength in taijutsu combat. Kisame wields the sword Sameheda, which is able to absorb chakra's. When fused with Sameheda, Kisame grows ever stronger in a battle (increasing his already high stats) as his opponent grows weaker, having his chakra's drained. Kisame is known as the strongest of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and is called "The Tailed Beast Without a Tale."

4. Kakuzu

Kakuza is an extremely physically powerful shinobi (as seen when he easily over powers Choji) with over 100 years of experience. Kakuza has 5 hearts which grant him a kind of immortality, as well as letting him use all 5 elements for jutsus, which manifest themselves as monsters wearing masks, and can attack independently of each other and Kakuza.

5. Konan

Companion of Pain, Konan has the unique ability to fight using origami paper. She has vast, near limitless control of the paper and can us it at a high level in battle. She employs the "Dance of the Shinigami" technique, allowing her to transform herself into paper. Konan's paper has proven extremely durable, as seen when she matched Jiraiya's Flame Bullet fire technique. Her ultimate move is the "Paper Person of God" technique, in which she produced six hundred billion explosive tags, which explode for 10 minutes straight.

6. Sasori

A puppet master with an army of poisonous puppets at his disposal, among their ranks being the third Kazekage, who retained all of his powers that he had while alive. Sasori was rumored to have taken down a country with his puppet power. Sasori also only is really "alive" as a cylinder containing his heart, which can be transfered to different puppets. As seen in his fight vs Sakura and Chiyo, Sasori can attack with a multitude of fast, poison covered senbon and kunai from various puppets, and use the signature iron sand of the third kazekage. Sasori can use fire jutsu hot enough to instantly melt steel kunai and burn through rocks, and water jutsu strong enough to easily cut through rock, which are activated from special scrolls.

7. Hidan

Hidan is effectively immortal due to his participation in the Jashin cult. Hidan wields a large scythe in battle and was shown to be extremely agile. The most frightening ability Hidan posesses is the ability to kill anyone who's blood he has acquired through a Jashin ritual.

8. Deidara

Deidara has the power of exploding clay, which can be used in various useful ways in battle. The magnitude of his bigger explosions can be quite powerful as well, as seen in his fight against Sasuke.

9. Zetsu

More of a spy and behind the scenes tactical man than a front line fighter, Zetsu is used primarily as an intelligence gatherer in the Akatsuki. He possesses the ability to split in 2, and has a timed release spore jutsu that was able to trick kage level fighters and suck chakras out of opponents. Zetsu also has the ability to make a perfect clone of anybody he has ever touched.

Toxin45on Jan. 21, 2011 at 8:03 p.m.
you forgot Tobi/Madara
hitsusatsu11on Jan. 21, 2011 at 8:06 p.m.
@Toxin45: I excluded him on purpose, as I say in the title.
Toxin45on Jan. 26, 2011 at 8:42 a.m.
Toxin45on July 2, 2012 at 5:56 a.m.

uh dude Nagato himself can use the powers of the six paths

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