Most powerful DBZ Protagonists
1. Super Saiyan God

Ssj god goku

2. Goku

BoG Goku post ssj god, during and after his fight with Bills

3. Vegito

Potara fusion of buu saga goku and vegeta, supposedly multiplying their powers together. Able to turn into a ssj, possibly ssj2, and perhaps theoretically a ssj3 but this has not been canonically shown. Fusion is normally permanent.

4. Gogeta

Buu saga fusion dance fusion of goku and vegeta, can tun ssj1, possibly ssj2, and perhaps theoretically a ssj3. I personally believe he is tied with gogeta in power and only place him lower because of the time limit of this fusion.

5. Vegeta

BoG Vegeta

6. Super Saiyan 3

Ssj 3 goku, beginning of BoG movie. I might put buu saga ssj3 goku a little beneath ssj3 gotenks and mystic gohan, but I think by the time of his encounter with Bills its reasonable to assume he has surpassed both, even if only slightly.

7. Gohan

Mystic/Ultimate/Chou Gohan, Gohan after gaining his power up from Ro Dai Kaioshin

8. Gotenks

Fusion supposedly multiplies characters power level together, Gotenks can also turn into a ssj3

9. Super Saiyan 2

Ssj2 goku/Majin vegeta. Then ssj2 peak gohan

10. Kibito Kai

Potara fusion of kaioshin and kibit, two characters who could easily defeat Freeza yet were terrified of cell level opponents. In his fused form he thought he could be of use against majin buu, but Ro Dai Kaioshin advised him that he wasn't strong enough. He's above ssj2/cell level but inferior to, or at best possibly equal to, buu saga ssj2 goku/vegeta

Kobra678on Aug. 7, 2014 at 9:56 p.m.

Not bad. Would fat Buu be a protagonist ?

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