hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic what is you fav dc anime on the Off-Topic board.
Justice League, JLU, Young Justice, and a ton of the movies.
8 hours, 22 minutes ago
3rd epp was great, liking this so far.
8 hours, 29 minutes ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Raditz Vs HST Team on the Battles board.
Pre tree Madara's abilities should be OP and I beleive he's likely the strongest on the team, but if Gai could give him a bit of a beatdown Raditz could to. Juubito is just a weaker Juubidara, kenpachi has loads of power but not as much as Radditz.Gremmy is the unknown component for me since im not current with Bleach. He has a measure of some kind of reality warping, ...
9 hours, 10 minutes ago
@Marshal Victory: Ya second episode's animation seemed on point. Also helps were out of filler to.
9 hours, 24 minutes ago
Walk like an Egyptian was awesome, like Roundabout from last year.Shows going strong so far
9 hours, 53 minutes ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Sanji(OP) vs Batman on the Battles board.
@Saladking: He did repeatedly beat Bane.
11 hours, 30 minutes ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Raditz Vs HST Team on the Battles board.
@nishi99: This Juubidara after fuseing with the life tree?
11 hours, 50 minutes ago
The magic is the Achilles heel here, without it he does well. Though Sakura could very well best him with some cards I believr, SM and Madoka pose problems as well.Though without a specific weakness to magic I dont feel feel SM is stronger
11 hours, 52 minutes ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Wolverine Runs The Gauntlet! on the Battles board.
He can beat most except possibly Garurumon and maybe Grey Wolf/Tiger, Batman and probably Dinobot can hang with him as well.
11 hours, 59 minutes ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Is Japan homophobic? on the Off-Topic board.
I dont think Japan is homophobic, they certainly dont persecute gays or anything, they probably have gay bars and such as well. There just a traditional society where gay culture is generally not mainstream I dont think. Nothing wrong with that.
15 hours, 37 minutes ago
@takashichea:A Certain Scientific Railgun is a spin off of A Certain Magical Index, but does ok as a stand alone. Its science fiction mystery and action, kind of similar to the x men comics I suppose with the different mutations/esper powers.
16 hours, 39 minutes ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Sanji(OP) vs Batman on the Battles board.
Batman both roundsAfter reading Batman extensively, the memes you see are no exaggeration. In the comics he routinely takes down super beings (even in h2h) He doesnt really need extensive prep either (thats more the jokers thing) bats forte is he quickly adapts to anything he encounters. Obviously theres a limit to this, but I think sanji might be within it at this point.
1 day, 6 hours ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Lord Death vs. Gaara on the Battles board.
If using only the anime versions In could see gaara taking this as In dont recall shinigimi sama doing anything crazy in the se show. Manga version he likely wins however.
1 day, 6 hours ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Who can beat Azashiro Kenpachi on the Battles board.
I understand he has quite the useful ability, but he was defeated by pre powerup zaraki right? And while I havent read the novel, I know zaraki uses nothing but raw power and energy, so I assume this hax kenpachi was overpowered. I dont think he's close to planet level or even continent level, perhaps close to country level in range of hax? (But not d.c) I beleive hes top ...
1 day, 6 hours ago
They have an overwhelming advantage in every fight, there much much more powerful then their opponents and they out number their foe seach time. Clearly OP chararcters and likely Tsuna as I ell stand no chance. The only one who is a real threat is Accelerator, and while he could beat Toriko and obviously Yusuke, 1v1 im not sure if he can beat Freed, and certainty he would have a ...
1 day, 6 hours ago
@ohgodwhy said:@sickVisionz said:Favorite Gundam game or anime?@Haiken said:ZGMF X10A FREEDOM and ZGMF X20A STRIKE FREEDOM.. Most really dislike Gundam seed and GSD but that's their own opinion.. For me, i like it..The internet has a funny way of giving a vocal minority a ridiculously dominating voice... to a degree that you actually wouldn't know that Seed and Destiny are like two of the best selling and most popular Gundam series ...
1 day, 9 hours ago
Favorite model: EpsonFavorite series: Wing and ZZ
1 day, 9 hours ago
I didn't rrly agree with his principal's, but in the context of the show I liked him best and was rooting for him.
1 day, 9 hours ago
Railgun vol 9 was goodThat love in helping one looks funny
1 day, 19 hours ago
hitsusatsu11 replied to the topic Monster Rancher VS Digimon on the Battles board.
Tiger Of The Wind VS Renamon TigerVSPixie VS Leomon- tough one, I lean towards pixie.VSHolly VS Jeri Katou- hollyVSGenki Sakura VS Taichi Kamiya- hard to say, about even imoVSGray Wolf VS Guilmon- Grey WolfVSSuezo VS Impmon -SuezoVSBig Blue VS Garurumon-Garurumon barelyVSGolem VS MetalGreymon-MetalgreymonVSMocchi VS Terriermon-MocchiVSHare VS Gatomon-close but Hare
1 day, 19 hours ago
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