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main characters becoming cannon fodder.After the saiyan saga if you were not a saiyan you were pretty damn useless besides piccolo and he even became useless besides watching kids like a damn baby sitter
boring filler if you gonna make us watch filler at least make it decent  is that so hard
Manga taking to long to rap up for crying out loud bastard was started in 88 Kazushi needs to finish that Sh*t already 
Fanwankers not only are you making a fool out of yourself but your bringing the character down with you 
The fact there rebooting the DMC series and the new dante looks like crap he looks like a crybaby emo kid now this better be the best damn game ever cuz capcom your already losing point with me. 
people who still debate goku vs superman come on ppl nobody has change opinion and plus the two would be the best of friends get over it when will the madness end
over rated animes Akira was not that great people stop making it out to be more then it really was 
Street Fighters X Tekken Not comin out until 2012 Ken and Jin need to fight now!
people who make batman vs anyone and give batman prep comeon now you know batman was gonna win when you created this

And those are a few things that grind my gears. feel free to post some of yours

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