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Aniplex is bringing the Kara no Kyoukai bluray box to the US!!! (see blog)
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First let me say, Wow. Second, let me say thank you to Agent Lost on the Anime Vice IRC for showing me this beautiful masterpiece of sculpted PVC. It's probably one of the greatest Rin Tohsaka figures I've ever laid eyes upon, and believe me, I am hyped. I looked into it, and the wonderful folks over at AkibaHobby.net have recently posted a figure photobook from Tokyo Anime Fair 2010. Of the several new wonderful works by Good Smile Company, I am definitely going to allocate funds for a preorder on this once they start taking them.

Delicious            ZR, no other fanservice compares.
Delicious ZR, no other fanservice compares.
They're also working on a new 1/7th scale Saber Alter, and they have the finished version of the new Hitagi Senjougahara figure we saw earlier this year at Wonfes. Feel free to check them all out yourself so you know what to save your money for:
On another note, I finally decided to buy the Emiya Shirou figma that I had been looking at from AmiAmi's English site. I also bought the "Trace on" circuit t-shirt that any Fate/Stay Night fan would recognize almost instantly.
AmiAmi's 50% off all shipping including international EMS and SAL sale is still going on for another 3 days, so if any of you are looking at buying figures or character goods, I highly recommend capitalizing on that now since their prices are pretty nice and half off shipping is difficult to beat.
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