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Today I experimented with a number of options for greatly increasing editing speed for the Gundam Wing sections I'm working on. Through experimenting with various subtitle ripping programs and screenshotting methods, I've finally settled on ways that I think I can settle for. I even have the episode subtitle version transcript up as an example, and I believe the work I've done on episode 1 will serve as an otherwise fair example of what I plan to hopefully accomplish with EVERY episode of the 49...

I realize this is quite an ambitious project I've embarked on, but if some people can write a 12 page essay on Edward Elric, then I feel it can't hurt to put in as much effort.

That said, today I spent most of my available time creating pages for all the various locations that appear in the series, and also pages for some of the more minor characters that still have a measureable role. I wasn't able to fill in descriptions for every one of them yet, but I was able to at least provide a picture of each after much internet spleunking and some episode screenshotting. Transcripting took surprisingly less time than I thought it would have thanks to the subtitle ripping program I found though it still was a lot of work editing it and adding names of who's speaking, etc.. So the transcript you see for episode 1 I've posted is basically an adapted and edited rip of the subtitles from the Bandai DVDs.

Obviously this whole project is going to take a CONSIDERABLE amount of time. I'm not even going to give a date of completion or even a rough estimate since the scope I have for this is so huge, but I'm hoping to make some fair progress (another 5 or 10 episodes?) over the next week or two, depending on how much time I have free, and considering my classes and college workload, that may be a little difficult...

Wish me luck!

Things left to do other than episodes:

Write articles for Mercurius, Vayaete, Virgo, and Tallgeese II
Filling out character profiles for all the Gundam pilots (the Heero Yuy article is in bad need of editing even...), and basically everyone except Zechs, Dekim, and Odin Lowe....for some reason I just felt like writing their articles first...
Filling out descriptions for all the locations (but now at least I've got them entered and with pictures and basic descriptions)

On a sidenote, I was also able to create articles for the concept of Zettai Ryouiki, and adding many more details to the history of Type-Moon.
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