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Aniplex is bringing the Kara no Kyoukai bluray box to the US!!! (see blog)
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As many of you may already know, this article from a while back managed to be the tipping point for something of a shift for me. I had heard about Valkyria Chronicles from a number of people, and it seemed like it was just a pretty good anime-ish rpg type game to me at first, like all those others (Tales series, Eternal Sonata, etc.). A crude judgement, I know, but honestly it's how I group things and in this case I don't mean it in a negative connotation at all. Anyways, I have never ever cared in my life at any point for traditional "tactics" strategy games that use systems like the Final Fantasy Tactics series, so when Dom over on Megatokyo even slightly mentioned that it was a revamped tactics game, I foolishly dismissed it thinking it was just like the others except with better graphics.

Nearly two months after the game's initial release in the US however, I started getting a craving for a JRPG of some type for a 'next-gen' console and began browsing the few options for the XBox 360. The few options I could find seemed....ok...but none of them really seemed like the AMAZING game I was hoping to find and satisfy my gaming tastes. Low and behold however, a few days after I get back from my winter trip, I stumble upon Gia's article. At this point I was really curious, "Alright, I've heard tons about this game, even Kotaku.com says it's great but it's a tradegy that it isn't selling....can it really be that great?". From here I decide to look  up gamespot and IGN, not the best review sites, but sometimes they can be an ok litmus test. From an 8.7 Gamespot critic score and a 9.0 IGN score, I figured it's got to at least be worth a try.

Well, prior to January 6th, I did not have a PS3 nor had I thought there'd be any reason other than Bluray that I would ever get one. After all the hype however and all my research on various things to make sure I could adapt the HDMI to my DVI computer monitor without issue, I eventually decided to buy one. I may have said to myself that the bluray option was a backup option in case the game turned out to be less than great, but in all honesty, at this point I REALLY, REALLY wanted to play it. In the weekend I had waited for it to arrive, I had managed to watch every IGN and Gamespot trailer available on the game, and I even bothered to do my homework the rest of the following week IN ADVANCE....just so I'd have plenty of time to play it. Me doing my homework in advance has about the same chances of the planets aligning at once...it's like Gia saying she loves Clannad!....no, wait, we're only talking about the planets aligning not the second coming of Christ...

In any case, on Wednesday the 7th I bought an 80GB PS3 on Dell.com since I found a coupon to buy one for $340 with free S&H. I ended up buying the game separately at Best Buy that Friday using some giftcards from Christmas. And today (technically yesterday) the 12th, my console finally arrived.

There is a god.

P.S. I may not be on here a lot till probably Sunday or so, cause this thing's more addictive than iDOLM@STER...
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