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My Favorite Tsunderes
I would be a very happy man if I was hooked up with any of the girls on this list
1. Lucrezia Noin

I'm not sure if she's really a tsundere, but she's pretty badass and plenty awesome enough to make me happy. Hell, any girl that's as cool as her and skilled enough to be my wingman in a mobile suit is top notch in my book.

2. Kyou Fujibayashi

My #6 choice. The Clannad equivalent of Kagami. And for a computer nerd like me, I can't help but enjoy how she's redefined "Dictionary Attack"...

3. Naru Narusegawa

I recently re-read Love Hina and now I remember why I liked it so much...

4. Rin Tohsaka

My #1 choice. Tohsaka Rin > EVERYONE. The best example of an S+ rank Zettai Ryouiki, but that's not the main reason why I like her.

5. Azaka Kokuto

My #3 choice. I can't wait for the sixth Kara no Kyoukai movie...

6. Kagami Hiiragi

My #2 choice. Almost as good as Rin, but not quite. Also an S+ rank Zettai Ryouiki...

7. Akiha Tohno

My #4 choice. She's just too cute... She looks great in a school uniform, cares deeply about those close to her, and her manners are spectacular (although she can be a little persnickety at times).

8. Tomoyo Sakagami

My #8 choice. I like Kyou and Kagami more, but Tomoyo is still pretty cool. Very nice hips too...

9. Shiki Ryougi

My #5 choice. A little dangerous, but I think she'd be pretty fun to hang around with, not to mention hot as hell in that red leather jacket.

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