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Before we begin, allow me to ask a few starting questions.
(Assuming you're of age) Have you ever had a nice cold beer after a long day of labor intensive work?
Does double chocolate fudge ice cream with brownie chunks taste better than plain chocolate flavor?

Have you ever felt like you've accomplished anything by beating a game with cheat codes?

The usual response to that last question is no, and by the same logic why would being with a girl who is happy with you no matter what you do be any fun?
As the saying goes, enjoyment lies not at the destination, but in the journey.

Of course, too much trouble and it becomes a drawback rather than a plus. Therefore, a delicate balance must be observed for maximum effect. Examples of too much "tsun-tsun" are plenty, with such characters as Louise, Haruhi, and Asuka being more abusive than a bad pair of in-laws.

Then again, some people seem to get a kick out of that... masochists... 

Typically for best results the character should either break from the painful stereotype by being either original in some way, or managing to outperform the competition through character dynamics or clever dialogue.
External factors such as main storyline can and perhaps should be used to help, but they mustn't be used to replace true character dynamics.


It also goes without saying that hairstyles, power level increases, and "cute little affectations" are not personality traits nor do they classify as character development.
Get that moe purely for the sake of moe crap out of my face already.


But I digress.

Ultimately taste is a matter of subjective opinion, so some people may just not enjoy tsundere at the conceptual level


My personal ideal for the perfect tsundere would be someone who teases and mentally abuses with their words rather than someone who physically beats up the person to a ridiculous level. Besides, mind games can be fun, and if you manage to trip them up sometimes it can turn the tables in your favor.
And while we're at it, stuttering denials of affection are fine and all, but they really shouldn't be overused either.

 I guess you know when a character hits the mark when a confession scene comes and not only do they light up like a Christmas tree but you find yourself with a silly grin on your face too, sorta like this:
So to conclude, I'd like to say this. Yes, I do have a bias towards tsundere characters. However, as I've said here, tsundere by itself is not a good thing. In the end, all it is is a little bit of sugar and spice to mix things up a bit!
Rin Tohsaka and Heero Yuy
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