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Aniplex is bringing the Kara no Kyoukai bluray box to the US!!! (see blog)
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First let me start this by saying Aoko is HAAAAAAWWWTT!!!11one!!!
Type Moon Ace vol.2 finally came out a few days ago, and man, where do I start! They had a few more sample images of various characters from their new titles in development, including these of Aozaki Aoko in "Mahou Tsukai no Yoru". There were also a few sample pieces of two new characters, Hibiki Hibino and Chikagi Katsuragi, who I believe are from one of the other games in production, "Girl's Work". Personally my other favorite sketch they had was of an older Rin Tohsaka:
Ah HA!
Ah HA!
Better with age :D
Better with age :D
Combining this with all the news on Kanaan and the bonus scenario in the "428" game, and also how the fifth Kara no Kyoukai movie is coming out tomorrow, it's like someone took a syringe and is shooting me in the arm!
On another note, I learned something new after translating a few articles. Maybe some of you knew this but I didn't; If you remember the 'special scenario' to the "428" game that Type Moon created, well, apparently 428 serves as a setup or prequel for the new CANAAN anime that's coming out eventually.... No new news as to when that will be, but I didn't know the two were that closely related to each other...

On another note, the art for the Tsukihime remake looks very nice and cleaned up, though, I think I liked the rough style Takeuchi had in the original a little more, but then again, there's very little of the new material to compare to so I'll hold off before I judge....besides, Sacchin finally gets a route!

Lastly, the fifth Kara no Kyoukai movie. I've been making an attempt to clear out all my homework assignments and crap for tomorrow (technically today) so that I'll have the whole day free when I get back to watch it twice. I've already posted an article in the general discussion forum on the movie in a little more detail, but basically the past four movies have pretty much served to lead up to this one, and at almost 2 hours long, it's the longest of them yet. Chapter 5: Paradox Spiral, the chapter that this one is based off of, is arguably the best or at least one of the best of the series according to fans of the original novels, so my hopes are high.....

....and a few of you already know, it takes a lot of effort to get my hopes high for ANYTHING.

Oh, and one last thing, the popularity polls for the top 10 female characters according to TMA vol.2:
1. Saber
2. Arcueid
3. Tohsaka Rin
4. Ryogi Shiki
5. Karen
6. Tohno Akiha
7. Kohaku
8. Ilya
9. Matou Sakura
10. Rider

Rin is in 3rd, okay, but Saber got 1st? that's a little....strange....to me at least. Oh well.
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