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Hello again everyone,

As many of you may have notice, progress on my Ultimate Gundam Wing wiki has been at a standstill as of late. This is due to a combination of many factors including but not limited to:
  1. Being busy as hell with school (especially the past two weeks if you've noticed my status)
  2. Rebuilding my computer: I bought an i7 not too long ago, and so I had to get a new motherboard, RAM, and power supply to go with it. As many of you know, this pretty much means you have to reinstall your OS, and for me, that means reinstalling photoshop, premier, my hundreds of codecs, tools, and well you get the idea...
  3. Experimenting with video editing: Part of the reason I got these new parts for my little Rin (my computer's name) is so I could finally get around to messing around with video editing -something I've wanted to do for a long time but was limited by the power of a single core AMD 3500+ processor.
  4. Trying to catch up on my viewing: In combination of rebuilding my computer and my school's network being weird, a 3 week gap formed in my viewing record of the shows I had been watching up till then, and I really want to see the ends of the shows that have finished.
So, combine all those factors and basically I've had a real crappy time getting around to adding any info to the wiki. I added a bit of info for the first episode of FMA: Brotherhood, but that was mainly because I was watching it anyway at the time and the time it took to upload everything and take the screenshots was incredibly insignificant. Since the semester is winding down, my classes seem to be firing down on me like the Lightning Count...and they don't show any signs of easing off any time within the next two or three weeks. In the absolute worst case scenario, my summer is largely going to be spent at my tech support job, so I should be able to add quite a bit of material to the wiki assuming it's not constantly busy.

At this moment it is 5:23AM April 11th (Saturday) where I am, and I'm pretty tired, so I'm not going to try and sum up what's left for me to do on each section, just know that there's a lot left to be done and I hope to be getting back to it soon. Hopefully once all this Differential Equations and Waveform Dynamics HELL clears up I'll have time to get back to adding in everything. Till then I wish you all best of luck on whatever projects you may be working on!
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