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So far things are proceeding at a fair pace all things considered. I've been VERY busy as of late with school, and my editing time has been basically confined to whatever I could scrounge up of my free time at work.

Pages that have been added/updated:

After Colony Calendar COMPLETE! WOW! Something's 100% DONE!!! ------------------------------------------------------->

Heero Yuy 30% - I plan to lighten the detailing of events from in the show (if you've read my edits to it so far, it's a bit excessively detailed to the point where I think this sort of stuff should just be on the episode pages themselves) and I think I'll have a section in there or two on various things such as his philosophies, his various missions and how/why he does them the way he does, his relations with the other characters, and some out of series stuff like differences between how the American and Japanese voice actors portray him, etc.
Main Gundam Wing series page 20% - I definitely plan on immensely expanding the series summary, there's a lot more to go on that alone. I've got a bunch more trivia I coud add to it as well, but more importantly (I think I may end up making separate pages for them though) I'll add sections for the various factions like OZ, Romefeller, etc. Whatever else comes to mind I'll add as well eventually.

Didn't add any episode descriptions or data as of late. So far the basic character appearance information and simple name data (the Japanese name for the episode, when it aired, etc.) still only covers through episode 18. The actual episode descriptions themselves and high detail data descriptions including screencaps only cover through episode 2, with episode 3 started on but not complete. This will probably be the most time consuming part of the entire project.

Things left to do:

Tons more character descriptions
Episode Descriptions
Main page summary data
Location descriptions
Mech descriptions for the Vayaete, Mercurius, and Virgo suits

In the words of Relena Peacecraft in the first episode, "how about leaving yourself a little bit of free time?"
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