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Aniplex is bringing the Kara no Kyoukai bluray box to the US!!! (see blog)
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General Discussion » Cool Anime/Manga weapons

Nanoha's Raging Heart Staff.

Any magical girl staff weapon that USES AMMO CARTRIDGES and you have to RELOAD is one badass staff weapon. Not to mention that things as powerful as the twin buster rifle...
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General Discussion » Where can you buy Visual Novels?

Dang it, Void Wizard beat me to all my usual places!.... lol.

But yeah, himeyashop, and paletweb are best for importing the original games, but if you can find them on playasia I highly recommend them. I've bought so many games from all three it's not funny, and I've even imported a few consoles from playasia, so they're definitely reliable.
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General Discussion » Most Twisted Anime/Manga Characters and why?

Most twisted? Well, he may not be quite as sick as some of these others, but he's twisted: Gauron from Full Metal Panic.

The man is warped as anything, but it's hilarious to watch him. "I LOVE YOU KASHIM!" as he tries to self-destruct his mech while hugging the Arbalest... man, that guy was just too funny. "B. Gates" from FMP:TSR was almost as good but not quite.
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General Discussion » Whats your Favourite Character theme or template?

Personally I don't care so long as the characters are likeable and the story is good. I have a bit more tolerance for Mecha, romantic comedies, and drama, and a little less tolerance for shounen, shoujo, and fantasy shows, but there's always been a ton of shows that break that mold both ways.
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Off-Topic » Internet Explorer is not currently safe to use

@Deathflame: are you sure they're not regular pop up windows that try and pretend like they're an IE window? it is possible though through the regular explorer.exe that it could be causing something, but in that case it's most likely something wrong with your system, not your web browser.

@NDR: I don't suppose you do a lot a gaming on PC I take it... (still, ubuntu and redhat are really cool to tinker with and very useful for doing dev stuff imo)

I can understand where everyone gets the bandwagon opinion of "IE zomfg it suxorz to the extreme!!", but in all honesty, it really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

Before anyone goes and labels me an IE nut, I just want to say I'm an Opera/Firefox/Lolifox user (I switch depending on what I want to do or the computer I'm on). IE has it's uses in business environments, and contrary to the popular belief, IE can be REMARKABLY more secure assuming your network and each client machine running IE is set up properly. That, and it has a tendency to not eff with your antivirus programs on restricted access networks if you work in a very locked down environment (in my case I work at a hospital). IE7 was a HUGE step up from 6, both in terms of security and user-interface, and in all actuality it's a pretty hardy browser.

That said, I never use it willingly, purely because I think the newer IE7 is just a firefox ripoff, and it's not even as user-friendly as firefox anyway, so there's no real point. Plus I love the "awesome-bar" in firefox. Google Chrome though, yeah, it's pretty awesome in the technical aspects, but it still is in DESPERATE need of an debugging before I'd recommend it as a regular browser. A lot of the stuff they're doing/trying to do with it is really cool and definitely thinking ahead, but at the same time, most of it seems to be only partially functional, and can be a little tricky to use. With time though I'm sure it'll be great.
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General Discussion » Kara no Kyoukai 5: Paradox Spiral - who's hyped??

On January 28th of this year, 2009, the fifth movie of seven in the Kara no Kyoukai series of movies will be released on DVD in Japan. If you're here you probably know what that means, and so who besides me is super-hyped (or even only somewhat hyped,) about what we're about to see??

There are even some pretty good trailers for it so far, one of which probably the most enticing trailer I've ever seen that was less than 30 seconds, and another that, although it's primarily as a PV for the theme song by Kalafina, does an excellent job of showing little tidbits to hint the few of us who have a general idea of what's going on in this one.

Also, for those curious as to who the orange-haired kid is that you've never seen before, his name is Tomoe Enjou, and although design-wise he was Shirou Emiya's prototype, his attitude is very different.

The PV trailer:


The short trailer:

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Just Anime » Guilty Pleasures

I don't know if I really have anything I'd call a guilty pleasure since I don't watch anything that I'd feel ashamed for watching...

Now, things that people may think I should be ashamed of for watching though, I guess maybe "Koe de Oshigoto" would count...but that's genuinely funny to me. I don't watch Bleach anymore (stopped on episode 150 something), I haven't seen Naruto since it went to it's first session of filler at 142, and as bad as Gundam 00 is by Gundam series standards, it's an alright show if you don't think of it as a Gundam show so that's not really that bad either...

If my parents knew they'd probably shun me for watching Detroit Metal City, but I like to think of it like how Adult Swim shows used to be: funny.

Seriously though, I can't think of anything I watch or read that'd really count as a truely guilty pleasure...
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Just Anime » MOBILE OPS: OPERATION TROY IS HERE (in demo form)

Soooooo..... do I owe you breakfast? a 12 pack? a haagen dazs? what? lol

You are officially THIS badass.
You are officially THIS badass.

<-- And in case you don't know, that's REALLY badass.

I've been waiting to get this game for a while but I didn't know there was a demo!
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Off-Topic » What's Going Through you Mind Right Now?

RedRoses said:
"Devilly said:
"RedRoses said:
"@$&* Yoko's gun is bloody difficult to make D: This is gonna take me FOREVER. Thank goodness I have until May...

It's my first cosplay prop... guh."
I hope you get it done soon and post the pics :)"

Thank ya ;D I don't think I'll finish super soon or anything since I'll only work on the gun during weekends (because of school) and when I'm not frustrated XD
I'll definitely post progress pics though (probably in a blog post)! I'm still in the planning stages right now, just figuring out proportion size of the different parts on the gun. I'll probably work on physically making it next weekend."
Don't worry too much, PVC pipes when you buy them from stores like Ace Hardware usually come in VERY long pieces, and the people there can cut it to whatever measurements you want. When I built the gattling gun for my Heavyarms costume cosplay I used autoCAD (though you really don't need to....I was just bored in one of my classes), but all you really need is a rough to-scale sketch of the design, and then you work out the scale you want. In my case I overestimated a little so it turned out a little large, but at least each part of it was to scale with the rest so most people didn't notice. Just be thankful in your case you only have to worry about one PVC pipe, lol (I had to worry about 12). Also, when you get around to building it, I recommend punching a hole in a plastic cup of the right shape and using that as the muzzle on the end, it'll be a lot easier to work with than cutting and fitting holes in cardboard and an empty CD spindle like I did.
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Mobile Suit Gundam » Shiro looks like Flay?!

What the heck are you talking about? They look nothing alike, and if this is supposed to be a troll it's not a very funny one at all.
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Mobile Suit Gundam » best Gundam series???

My problem with Seed is it's like they gave all the character's the personality of Quatre Winner when he was at his lowest, and perpetuated the same theme the entire show. I realize Gundam Wing did a similar thing, but at least they were talking about something new that hadn't been a prime focus in a gundam series before (pacifism, unmanned weaponry), whereas Seed seemed to repeat the very basic and painfully obvious theme "war is bad! killing is bad!" that we've heard in tons of shows even outside of Gundam... at least when the original 0079 did that they moved on. There was also the theme of genetic manipulation, but that was basically a realigned equivalent of the whole "Newtypes are superior beings!" themes in the UC series, except Seed takes it further.

That, and I thought some of the designs were just BS. I mean, I still can't understand how the hell the Aegis transforms into that shape of a mobile armor...at least you could see how Wing Gundam did it (even if it was stupid) - the Aegis does it so fast you can't really see it most of the time.

That said, I don't think Seed was really bad, I just think it could have been so much better if it had a better focus rather than the same thing we've seen over and over again....between Gundam F91, Zeta Gundam, and the original First Gundam, if you've seen those you've pretty much seen everything in one form or another that Seed has to offer.
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Dakimakura » Your chance to win a dakimakura

I live in the US, but I noticed this too late to enter...
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Just Anime » Favourite Fall Anime of 2008!

I've been enjoying Index a lot and Ga Rei Zero (I want to use a friggin BOILER as an anti-spirit weapon! lol), but my favorite would definitely be the Kara no Kyoukai series of movies....assuming they count (they've been coming out all year).
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Editing & Tools » Typos...

I can't believe I didn't notice this until fairly recently,

It should be "Zechs Merquise" instead of Marquise.
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Mobile Suit Gundam » best Gundam series???

@Niko: X is basically if you took Wing, made Duo the main character, gave him all the skills of Heero, made Hilde moe and turned her into the quiet type, and put it all in a weird halfway-UC timeline sorta place. In other words, Wow.....
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Mobile Suit Gundam » List of Favorite Mobile suits

GX-9900 -it used the moon as a satellite gun!!!
XXXG-01H/01H2 - aka Heavyarms- an excellent example of the "firepower - if it doesn't solve the problem then you aren't using enough!" mentality
XXXG-00W0 - My favorite still, also my first Perfect Grade model kit
ZGMF-X10A - As much as I don't care for Seed, I have to say, the Freedom was a pretty cool suit
Ez8 - A suit made from spare parts of the many variations of Gundams during the One Year War...basically if MacGuyver built a Gundam
OZ-00MS - Basically this is what you'd get if I were to design a mobile suit: "Bu-but sir, the foundation says this is too big and the armor is overkill for what they need!", "I don't care! Now put on the Z0MF-G Booster Verniers and give it huge shoulder cannons!"
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Mobile Suit Gundam » best Gundam series???

Surprisingly I found Gundam X to be one of the best Gundam series I have seen to date. Obviously Wing is my favorite, but X came across as almost an improved version of Wing to me. Also, as much as I think Gundam Seed Destiny was a huge waste of time,  I have to say, the Gundam Seed Stargazer OVA was pretty good. Undeniably though Zeta is still one of the best Gundam series ever from an objective standpoint.
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Mobile Suit Gundam » Whats your Saddest moment in a Gundam series

When "Last Impression" started playing at the end of Endless Waltz.... it was the kind of tune that made me realize, "Wow, this is it....Wing is now over....." that was a profound moment for me.
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