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Characters that could take on a Mobile Suit
A list of people that could take on a mobile suit using only their own powers and not a mobile suit of their own.
1. Shiki Ryougi

With her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception and her crazy acrobatic and martial arts skill, she could take on a mobile suit without too much trouble.

2. Shiki Tohno

For mostly the same reason as Shiki Ryougi, he could take on a mobile suit if he was in Nanaya mode, but if not I think he'd have a considerable bit of trouble.

3. Saber

Her agility would help her close in fast, and if she were to use Excalibur she could probably cleave an MS in half. Otherwise though she'd have a tricky time doing damage to it.

4. Gilgamesh

He'd have to learn to dodge a bit, or at least fire enough noble phantasms to cancel out the bullets flying at him, but with enough sword spam he could easily take down a mobile suit.

5. Goku

Do I even need to say why.... Hell, just about everyone from the Z squad in DBZ could take on a mobile suit.

6. Sakuya Izayoi

Assuming her power would allow her to freeze time for long enough, she could probably shove a knife in something or kill the pilot one way or another...

7. Fujino Asagami

Her "bend" ability alone could probably twist the motors in a broken direction or something. Factor in her clairvoyance ability, and she could kill the pilot and totally destroy the internal drive system before the battle even started.

8. Date Masamune

The guy fights like Ciel from Tsukihime but with a powerlevel comparable to Goku.

9. Sanada Yukimura

OYAKATA-SAMA!!! No seriously, if the way he's shown in the anime is any indication, he could probably stop a beam saber with his lances.

10. Yuki Nagato

An alien that basically has the power of the universe to help her.... not to mention is capable of uber spacial hax. Forget just defeating A mobile suit, she could probably erase an entire division from existence.

11. Enel

The guy can turn into lightning... seriously... how can you kill lightning?

Tsuakasa1280on May 25, 2010 at 1:52 a.m.
Where's Nyuu/Lucy? Check out Elfen Lied!
Warning: it's also a crazy and gory Anime!
HeeroYuyon May 25, 2010 at 1:02 p.m.
@Tsuakasa1280: I own Elfen Lied on DVD, I just don't think that Lucy would stand a prayer considering how even a .50 cal sniper rifle could scrape her. We're talking 140mm auto-cannons that rapidly fire rounds the size of tank rounds. Even with her vectors, she'd end up a splattered mess in a few seconds.
However, if that were the only reason, she could still be on here. The issue is her vectors can't significantly damage a mobile suit's armor. As you may recall, when she was banging on the metal blast doors in the facility, she barely dented them, so unless the pilot was dumb enough to expose himself when she was within several yards, she'd be splattered long before she could get any significant hits in. (the only reason Saber made the cut is because Excalibur has considerable range.
Shirokeon Dec. 8, 2010 at 2:57 a.m.
I totally agree with this list.
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