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Characters so badass that they shouldn't have died (WARNING SPOILERS! DUH!)
Ever watched a show where a character was so cool, you knew his chances of survival to the end were slim purely because of that? Ever seen that one bad guy who although he may have been psycho or harsh at times, he was incredibly manly, funny, or just overall badass?
This is a list dedicated to the fallen badasses out there. You're GAR-ness will not be forgotten.
1. Souren Araya

Your methods were a bit unorthodox and your skills may have been imperfect, but you truly could walk the slow badguy walk, and talk the philosophical talk. Not once, but TWICE you saved the main character from their fate by your own will, and when you were defeated by the very same person, you even chose to die gracefully instead of taking her down with you. Araya Souren, you were truly a badass.

2. Kamina

A man with ambition bigger than the Earth had shoes to fit, you make this list for reasons that should go without saying. Charisma and spinning words may not have been your strong suit, but you managed to lead everyone on the right path with sheer force of will. Big Bro, we carry you in our hearts and on our backs.

3. Archer

Although overly critical on many things and quite the cynic, your past trials and tribulations were innumerable, and although sometimes your dedication may have seemed to wane, you were a great dedicated man till the end. I mean, jeez, 4chan invented a new word for 'badass' in YOUR honor. If that isn't manly, I don't know what is.

4. Gauron

Gauron, you are one crazy psychopath, but I'll be darned if you weren't hilarious and amazing at the same time. Completely self-invested and cruel in strange and amusing ways, most would find it bizarre that someone like you would be on a list like this, but you were quite the exception.

5. Roy Focker

The classic definition of a fighter jock, you also filled the big brother and teacher role. A man so awesome, he didn't even show he was dying till he was already dead.

6. Michael Blanc

Defying all usual sense and understanding of typical anime plots, not even the viewers saw it coming. You supported everyone like the cool supporting character you were.

7. Siegfried Kircheis

Very rarely would someone as cheerful and overly friendly as Kircheis be considered GAR, but Kircheis was quite the individual. He not only indispensably helped his childhood friend in conquering the universe, but went down doing it with a smile. Here's to you, the Admiral with a heart of Gold.

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