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Sup all this is Shadow Tiger from comicvine. I totally love anime so I thought I'd join this charming site. i hope to make friends and roleplay a bunch. Thanks.
OK. I shall be using Amuck's format for a bio for Hayate. Hope you all like it.

Name: Hayate Hikaro
Alias: Smooth Light
Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Red
Height: 5'10

In a Japanese village hidden high up in the mountains and shrouded within the clouds, there was a school. This was no ordianary Japanese school. At this school the elders and warriors of the small village raised ten young boys chosen among dozens of others. The boys were taken from their mothers and fathers at just five years of age and were secluded from civilization. Here, in this school in the little village hidden up high, these ten young boys would be trained to be the greatest fighters and protectors of the village. In this school, these boys will turn from fragile five-year-olds to ninjas of the highest class. It is here in this ninja school that these little boys would be put to the ultimate test.

In this school lived a boy with red hair. Red hair was extremely uncommon in the village and he was picked among the first ten. This boy excelled over his fellow ninjas-in-training and was almost immediately destined to become the village's next leader. He always worked as hard as he could to achieve anything. From his childhood all the way to what he is now. The boy's skills were well balanced. His speed was a little over average, his intellect, his fighting prowess, and basically everything else required for a ninja. "Hayate," said the lead instructor during one of his training sessions. "How would you like to advance to the next level before everyone else?"
Being young and enthusiastic, how could Hayate refuse? The following night, Hayate's instructor came into his room. Before Hayate could say a word the man strode across and covered his mouth. "Be quiet," said the man in a hushed tone. "We must sneak out or the others will here us."

The next few months for Hayate were brutal. In one day, the red-headed teen had to go through the entire training session with his fellow classmates as well as sneak out at night and go through the training his instructor gave him. The nightly sessions varied from walking around the entire village on your hands three-hundred times to scaling down the mountain in the dead of night to search for an extremely rare bug and bring it back up by morning. They also consisted of merciless sparring against the instructor and extreme workouts. But Hayate would never give up, his instructor found out. The man had planned on Hayate to find it too hard and immediately quit. "But that boy will never give up," said he during one of the Councel meetings. "He will be greater than all of us. I can feel it."

A few years past and Hayate was the best student in the history of the village. He learned how to fight extremely well and how to control his Ki to make lightning from his finger tips and even run at almost two-hundred miles-per-hour. "But Kijo-sensei," he said one day during a sparring session. "I still can't defeat you."
The man smiled. "That doesn't matter, Hayate. You will be able to one day."

But that day never came. One night, on one of Hayate's midnight training sessions, there was a heavy storm battering the village. His instructor told him not to go out, but Hayate, being an extreme perfectionist and over-acheiver, decided to go out anyway. "How else will I be able to survive during a fight in a storm?" The youth said as he exited the building. Hayate was on his four-hundred and ninety-ninth lap and was making his way around the village when a bolt of lightning struck the ground right next to the sixteen-year-old as he neared a narrow path between the edge of the mountain and the village gates. The lightning hit so hard that the whole mountain shook and Hayate was sent flying off the edge of the mountain, falling into a dark abyss.

Hayate found himself suddenly awake. The ninja sat up with a gasp as he realized what ahd just happened. It was morning, but the sky wasn't the bright blue it used to be. It was rather a pale bluish-grayish color. Without knowing what had happened, Hayate's first impulse was to go back up to the village and see if anyone was awake. Hayate climbed and climbed and when he finally reached the village, all he could do was mourn. The entire village was destroyed... so it seemed. Hayate's first instinct was to check if anyone was alive. So he did. The ninja searched the entire village for any survivors. All he could find were broken doors, cracked planks, rotting wood, and skeletons. Wait... Rotting wood?!?!? "Is this... The future?"

Hayate now travels the world after learning the truth in his sensei's writings. He had fallen and was killed. Kijo-sensei, however, had sacraficed his chi to preserve Hayate's body for the next 1,000 years, thus forever losing his abilities to continue being a ninja. Hayate had awoken and now travels the world, helping those in need and trying to find a purpose in this new world.

- Master of the Forgtten Shinobi Martial Arts as well as the village's hidden Sword Techniques
- Extreme sneaking abilities
- Speed of up to 209m/ph
- Abnormal strength. (Can lift cars and punch through 8 inches of steel.)
- Lightning style Ki attacks from appendages such as hands, feet, etc.
- Can use the Substitution Technique taught to all ninjas of his time
- Able to make afterimages that, when punched, fade into nothingness
- Able to breath and fight at extremely high altitudes
- Very sturdy
- Advanced hearing and eyesight

- Basic human weaknesses
- Blazing heat
- Too kind hearted (for a ninja) due to his unfinished training in which he was to be taught how to kill mercilessly
- If he uses his speed to much, it can build up fatigue and extreme stress to the muscles
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