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@phantomrant: For the BFR he needs a lot of chakra to and since he has Kurama then he wouldn't have a problem doing so. Also there were more Shinobi alliance but u forgot two things.The Edos were very powerful-Shinobi alliance had a bunch of fodder Ninja aswell.-Hashirama and Tobiramas only threat shown was Madara and Izuna. The other non irrelevant ninja weren't nothing. Its the same situation with Minato in ...
1 month ago
@phantomrant: But Hashi cant stop Minato from Teleporting. Even if he uses a wood clone Minato blitzes Hashirama tries to bind he Teleports away. Not to mention Minato has clones aswell.And apparently people in the past seem to loose to modern people on the battlefield. I mean look at the whole war arc. All the edos lost plus Kaguya. Don't forget Minato faught a war basically by himself taking forces ...
1 month ago
@taichokage: I think a prime example of this fight would be:Gaara vs Sasuke chuunin exams but Sasuke has KuramaAnd Gaara has no tailed beast
1 month ago
@taichokage: Aye thanks for replying.Now I do agree with almost everything but.-Hashis reaction was slow against Juubito but u can say it caught him off gaurd and tht it was a clone but even when Minato was pend up against him he only lost his arm and plus he was trying to save NS.We still haven't seen Minato 100% with 9TM though.My faught if u got confused on the real ...
1 month ago
This is me just making a point on how Minato may have been the strongest Hokage with Kurama.Minato has a few tachniques that seemed the deadliest plus counter measures for everything. Not to mention he was untouchable to any nornal character without the 6paths mode. Even Juubito only cut his arm off and that was when he was trying to save NS.Techniques:Rasengan, FTG, TBB, Sage Mode, Summoning, Sealing, Shadow Clones, ...
1 month ago
Madara doesn't have rinnegan.-He has everything else before. EMS, PS etcMinato-9tailed mode, ftg etcP.S Minato and Madara know each others moves and can work as a teamHashirama and Tobirama-Have All Their techniques but Tobirama can't use Reanimation.Fight Takes place in the field were Sasuke faught Deidara.Who wins ?Tesm 1 with ultimate defence and speedOrTeam 2 with the Senju brothers and G of Shinobi
2 months, 2 weeks ago
HAVICKGREEN replied to the topic Naruto's Disappointments on the Naruto board.
@ThatGuyWithHeadPhones: WhoObito or Minato ?And if Obito I agree with youObito should be dead(Shouldn't have came back anyways )
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HAVICKGREEN started the topic Hokage Team's Roles on the Naruto board.
Comment if you agree with meIf the 4 Hokages where a team going on different missions in some other spirit dimensionWouldn't there roles in the team be like this?1st hokage - Team Captain and will always try to keep peace within the group or with others on their missions.2nd hokage - Second in command and would be the hot headed one or the one always fighting and arguing with everyone. ...
9 months ago
HAVICKGREEN replied to the topic Which Gym Leader Type would you be? on the Pokémon board.
I would go with poisonThe strongest types come from thereLike that Moth thing in Emerald" That moth thing from emerald gave me trouble....and I had a Lugia." -GiovanniNo bullshit
9 months, 2 weeks ago
HAVICKGREEN replied to the topic Who is your favourite Pokemon? on the Pokémon board.
magickarpthe greatest/strongest pokemon OF ALL TIME"I've once seen a Magickarp go toe to toe with a Dialga.... and that wasn't even an amped up one" - Prof. OakNo bullshit
9 months, 2 weeks ago
HAVICKGREEN replied to the topic Naruto's Disappointments on the Naruto board.
@takashichea:Sorry I was very late to replyBut yeah Naruto Shippuden has to many fillers. Not as bad as Bleach aka Filler Heavenbut that is why I only watch the anime when it gets to main parts just to see Naruto in color and moving.But you should go on the manga, no filler BSBut naruto really did start going down hill after itachi and jiraiya's death.After that Kishi started doing a ...
9 months, 2 weeks ago
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