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Seems i dont have time to look through everyones bio's for there RPG characters i want to post in the "how you piture other characters" thread but im not familiar with what everyones character looks like i went to that tread where it shows everyones character but it lagged so bad so if you want me to post an image of your character in that thread post a short description of your character in here please. ty
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYs31Og6yxc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBWi6KUH9mk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR3S-zdv0PI
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 the  future of eve online  

heres eve online today 
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ive been righting a book for a while now and i want to share some of it with you ;) 
TITLE: Legends of the Immortals

book type: scifi


in an alternate reality 9 million years ago in the galaxy called Zeveron(known to us as the Andromeda galaxy) lies two great powers, one the Alliance Federation of planets(AFOP) an advanced alien alliance consisting of 20+ races in all that desire the end to all violence and war, and the other called the Changoloms, a reptilian race that feeds off war and death, the 2 powers fought for over 300 years with still no clear winner till one day the entire Changolom race vanished! 7 years have past since the war and the AFOP finally had there wish, but awaiting in the shadows lied an evil organization called Infinity that have there own evil intentions, who are they and will the AFOP be able to stop them, and who is this guy who calls himself the Spectator?

(will add on to the prologue once i have more i can add to it)


THE AFOP- main good guys

the foundation of the AFOP was around 80 million to 90 million years ago, 1 immortal started it, he was named, Segagiess! Segagiess was the founder of the AFOP, he started it because he wanted to unite the galaxy for one goal, "peace"! it took Segagiess over 250 years just to get the AFOP started let alown followers, but 50 years later it was on the fast track! with in 400-450 years the AFOP grew in strength and finally had its own government, and military departments, as well as other companies. the AFOP decided to colonize a planet they later made there home world, this planet was called Zenitaia.

237 years later the AFOP was the main and central power of the Zeveron galaxy, being that powerful and fully devoted to forcing peace in this galaxy! but in doing this the AFOP had a few small wars in till they met there match, 4550 A.F.(after foundation) they met a adversary they never saw coming! 4551 A.F. a race known as the Changoloms(do to the fact that they can change shape into who ever they kill) took on the AFOP with stronger forces and slightly out numbering them, but the AFOP fought back with all there might, and in doing so a war that tore the galaxy apart dragged on for 2900 years, in the end the AFOP was loosing the war, but just when the Changoloms where going to lay the final blow, every Changolom in the galaxy suddenly vanished, an admiral of the AFOP 32ed deployment consisting on 680 ships in total, now 377 took matters into his own hands and investagated this mistory as the AFOP heals its wounds, he was called, Haseo Yashimora! as Haseo diged deeper into the mistory he finds that a group calling themselfs, "Infinity" was resposable and sot out to find them, but he soon realized they where there TRUE enemy!

now the AFOP being back up to 86% officency, the began preparing them for another battle, sadly the AFOP's military eas at 63% and navy(space forces) was at 80%, thats a bad number for the AFOP, even though thats millions of star ships and 100eds of millions of ground forces, thats still highly undermanned compared to there enemy witch they know nothing about! the leaders of the AFOP consisting of the senate, the council and the chairmen, they came to a desition, "war"! they promoted AD. Haseo to supreme admiral, witch gives him the right to take command of any ship he wants and command every naval vessel/star ship in the AFOP! Segagiess, KIA in the first AFOP/Changolom war, no one has took his place, but there's been a galaxy-wide roamer that he's still alive! as Infinity infiltrates an AFOP colonized world called, Galilia, they lonch a planet-wide nuclear attack that killed everyone on the planet! 3 hours later Infinity hacked every communication array/satellite and broadcast a message from them that could be seen over 40 worlds including Zenitaia! the message said, "we are Infinity, we exist to destroy anyone that wishes for peace, we will and we shall, kill you all"!

the broadcast Infinity casted might change have few idea's on what they would say.

Infinity- one of the enemies

Infinity- a terriorest empire made up of 5 factions of races, 1 the Ancients, an immortal race bent on war with the AFOP, the Taliens, a race thats so advanced that they re-designed there genetic code of themselves, making them super intelligent, super strong, ect..., then theres the marilens, an elf type race but technological advanced, there specialty is bomb making, then there's the kletorions, a race that is a mastery of making star ships as well as almost anything war related, then finaly there's the qua'rria's, a race that specializes in drone making, pertinacity war drones for space combat.

Infinities goal is to destroy the AFOP and anyone that wants "peace"! so far they've killed off 3 races allied with the AFOP and is continuing to do with the other 18, saving planet Zenitaia, the AFOP home world/capital for last! so far Infinity out numbers the AFOP ground forces 2 to 1 and space forces 4 to 1, but the AFOP's ships are more advanced then Infinities, so in space they have the advantage! Infinity is led by 5 leaders or "lords" as there called in the empire, the leaders or lords are made up of each race, and the one thats the founder of Infinity call's himself Maricovanoss, meaning, "power of the damned" in Ancient!

Maricovanoss was a leader of an Ancient army in the Ancient/Changolom war 3000 years ago, reported KIA, he faked his death hiding in the shadows waiting for the right time to start the foundation of Infinity, 2300 years later, in secrecy, Infinity was bord, at the time only having 300 members it slowly grew in strength and numbers! 4200 years later (300 years after the foundation of the Alliance Federation of Planets) Infinity had over 78,000,000 members and 3 of the 5 races at his side! it wasn't in till 2450 years after the foundation of the AFOP that Infinity was preparing to show them selfs to the galaxy! also at this time AFOP was at the end of the Sotonio civil war with the Changoloms and lost more then 60% of its military strength, so Infinity started to move!

Changoloms- main bad guy

still working on there story but this is what they look like-

planet Zenitaia

Zenitaia is haseo and segagiesses home planet(well were they grew up, they turned into sentient gods starting on this planet) and is the home world of the AFOP and the Maggnoriyion race! this planet lies in a galaxy called Zeveron in a different universe(same universe in my cartoon). the planet is larger then earth so it has different traits.

Planet Statistics
Moon(s) : 3

Satellite(s) : planetary defiance , 2297 defiance platforms, 4 planetary marketing stations, 6 star ship all sizes docking stations

Diameter: 15,273 km

Length of day: 27 hours

Length of year: 390 days (local)  

Gravity: 1.08 G
Atmosphere: .9 atm (N, O)  

Population 703,341,500,667,990(apx.)

Species: Maggnoriyiyons, Zatorians, Sattiai, Kai'ju

Government: Alliance Federation of Planets(AFOP)

Technology level: tech 41( star wars tech level around episode 3 was level 20)
Societal Approximation: Mixed/Democratic/Religious   


what ya think?
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