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and to celebrate ill show off this vid

just watch it its funny ;)

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General Maverick
General Maverick

General Maverick is the second general in SWORDs army and is the only female general in SWORD as well. Maverick's job as a leader is to give tactical forecast to battle situations that would come up facing Gekido and relay it to the Tranquility from SWORDs hidden base in Asia.

Commander Iris
Commander Iris

Commander Iris is the leader of the black operations division in SWORD that deals with any other Earth problem not involving Gekido. Little is known of her skill other then her weapon is two times bigger then her as seen to the image to the right.

Ayana Yashimora
Ayana Yashimora

Ayana is Haseo's wife but at the same time a political adviser to SWORD. Even though she carries a sword around with her to fight she never plans to get in one just knowing that Gekido has transportation technology so one can be to coshes.

Liara(Lia) Yashimora
Liara(Lia) Yashimora

Liara Yashimora is Ayana and Haseo's daughter and acting XO of SWORD. Liara is immortal but only at the lowest standards and dosent plan on fighting immortals in her career at SWORD so she captains SWORDs flying head quarters the air carrier Tranquility. to make sure shes ready for a fight she has special forces training for the Russian spetnaz.

Charlotte Macross
Charlotte Macross

Charlotte Macross is SWORDs top jet fighter ace. Charlotte was born is the Ohio, USA where she went to an air force academy. She graduated 4 mouths early to do over succeeding the schools expectations. in 2013 the US air force assigned Charlotte to SWORD as there top pilot, piloting an "improved" F-35 fighter jet.


Yamato has a dark past, for one hes an ex-Gekido operative and two, he orchestrated and covered up the that was supost to explode and kill millions but fail, so he covered up and covered his tracks in till SWORD found him in 2005 and took him into custody. in 2010 Yamato broke out of the maximum security prison he was in to await further questioning, but Iris stopped him and one thing lead to another and he began working for SWORD.

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i know, i know its far to early to be asking, ect,ect but me, im a strategist i got to think and plan head, so thats why im making this blog on AV,DA and maybe the Destiny website as well, so heres the lowdown.

if u wish to join my group on this game here are the rules so theres no drama, not unorganized and confutation, i also hope u watched the vid before reading this and whats below so it makes sense.


  1. must be 15+ years old
  2. no trolling/bullying
  3. must have your emblem/uniform/color on at all times (with group only rule)
  4. follow chain of command at all times
  5. NEVER leave a member behind
  6. DO NOT ask to get ranked up or win
  7. RESPECT everyone in group

if u brake any of these rules u will be kicked!

whats Shadow Syndicate?

Shadow Syndicate is a Mercenary group(not clan) on the game Destiny coming out early 2014 or end of 2013. and we will be playing the role as "the bad guys" to players in PVP. the group will be heavily role played when we do "clan battles" and/or muiltiplayer matchmaking and as well as an online role playing forum RPG on a website in the near future.

whats Destiny?

Destiny is an upcoming action role-playing first-person shooter video game in a "mythic science fiction" open world setting. It is developed byBungie and published by Activision as part of a ten-year publishing deal, The game will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game consoles


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Lord Apostle
Lord Apostle

"You think your world is safe, it is an illusion, a comforting lie told to protect you, enjoy these final moments of peace,

for i have returned, to finish what i started"! - Lord Apostle

Name:lord Apostle

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Nationality: Caucasian

Affiliation: N/A

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 167lb

Specialty: manipulation of Dark Matter

Aliases: N/A

Place of Birth: Andramida galaxy

Race: unknown

Family: none

Faction: evil

Affiliation: unknown


Lord Apostle is a immortal alien and is the man who killed Haseo's family and almost took out all of the Kilatori(Haseo's race). At first Haseo not knowing who Apostle is (since he stayed in the shadows)Haseo feared him once he found out who he truly was! Apostle is mostly sarounded in mistory, knowing nothing of his past and full powers Apostle believed that Haseo was the last of his kind and he thought he wiped out Haseo's race millions of years ago, so he sought Haseo out and hunted him down, witch is still unclear how he found Haseo and got to him. ( add more later)


Apostle possesses a power that should not be possible, the wielding of the subsistence known as Dark Matter, and able to use it to his will, from it being a weapon to a shield.

(will add more soon)


(under construction)


(under construction)

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