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Favorite Shaman King characters
A list of my top 10 favorite Shaman King characters
1. Hao Asakura

My favorite Shaman King character as well as my favorite character of all time, Hao Asakura is a superb character as well as an amazing villain. He is cool, calculating,ruthless, and powerful and uses all of these traits to eliminate everyone who stands in his way in order to achieve his ultimate goal, which is becoming the almighty Shaman King

2. Ren Tao

I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for vegeta-like characters who eventually team up with the main character despite being thier enemy at some point in time. Ren used to be Yohs enemy who viewed spirits as nothing but tools, but eventually learned the error of his ways. He is one of my favorite characters due to his cold personality, his badass appearance, and his drive to constantly improve his skills no matter what

3. Silva

Silva is a kind man with a good heart, but is also a force to be reckoned with in battle. his great personality and his badass powers earned him a number 3 spot on my list

4. Yoh Asakura

Yoh is one of my favoirte characters because he is always cool and laid back as opposed to other shonen heroes who are hot blooded teens with half a brain. Despite his laid back personality, he is a very complex character with a dark past yet he wants to make the world a better place for evertyone

5. Chocolove McDonell

More racially insensitive than Mr popo and more powerful than a raging hurricane, Chocolove makes his way to number 5 on my list.While he appears to be a bad comic relief character at first, his intriguing past and his unique powers quickly made him a fan favorite among shaman king readers including myself

6. Radim

the dude has a light-saber, nuff said

7. Horohoro

Horohoro is a unique character with an interesting outlook on life. The way he was brought up imbued him with a strong will and a great respect for nature

8. Anna Kyouyama

Anna is one of the best female characters ive ever seen in a shonen manga. She is strong willed and the main characters fear her with good reason. Despite her innocent exterior, she is powerful enough to bend demons to her will

9. Bokuto no Ryu

Ryu started off like your normal run of the mill throwaway character whom the protagonist defeats in the first chapter. However, he came back and earned his spot on my list. He is hilarious,strong,and admirable at the same time. Definitely one of the best characters in shaman king

10. Johann Faust VIII

Faust is creepy, but in a good way. His love for his wife is a very touching but tragic tale ending in her death and his descent into madness. However, he eventually becomes one of yohs most trusted allies and one of my favorite characters

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