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Its simple. Just make 2 seperate lists.One for your top ten favorite anime/manga characters and a list of your top ten least favorite anime/manga characters. GO!
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The  Bionicle vs the psycopath. Fight takes place in an abandoned hotel. Both at full power. So, who wins? 
   VS     Scenario 1:Kimblee can use the philosephers stone 
Scenario2: he cant
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Scenario 1: Kimblee has the Philosephers stone and the Joker has time prep

Scenario 2: No philosephers stone for kimblee and no timeprep for joker

The fight takes place in a coal mine similar to the place Ed fought Kimblee.Both at full power. So, who wins?

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 Fight takes place in a coal mine. All at full power. Kimblee has the philosiphers stone. So, who wins?
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Luffy vs Dhalsim 
Luffy vs mr fantastic 
Luffy vs spider-man 
Luffy vs The Thing 
Luffy vs colossus 
Luffy vs Plastic Man 
No timeprep for anyone

No limit fallacy OFF 
Luffy is fully healed and at full strength after every battle 

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