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I know its old, but I did enjoy a good marathon of Aquarion Evol. also MIX and her big bangs. yow.
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 well, for those who are following the series, its drawing to its close soon, with only a handful of episodes remaining till the end, its getting more and more intense each episode, with some murder mystery moments interrupted with occasional funny breaks and more prevelant recently, heavy action sequences and a dramatic story involving Victorique's village and her past.
 I've done some episodes in detail in the past, and as the ending draws near, the episodes get more intense and action-packed, and require a lot more info on them. a good example is Episode 18 here, which took (albeit broken up a lot) 7 hours and over 50 screenshots, which shows it takes a while to get a quality product done.
 These Guys have it rough..
 These Guys have it rough..

Im just asking for some help with ese episodes, and the writeup, especially as it draws to a close, a solid ending writeup will be a great thing for the wiki, and encourage people to build up other articles.
so how's about sending off this great show with a bang, eh, Animevice?
or do I have to convince you otherwise... I mean, no one's pointing a gun at you or anything.....
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