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So a rather large, ferocious cat was let out of the bag today when the announcement was made that Whiskey Media has been sold and that Anime Vice, Tested, and Screened will all be moving together to new ownership. The future of Tested is certain and the most positive; I wish Norm and Will well. The future of Screened is still up in the air as far as I can tell, and I hope that Matt is able to land on his feet, whether that be at a revamped Screened or elsewhere.

And then, there's Anime Vice. I have not been the most frequent visitor or contributor to this website, despite my intentions. I'm a Giant Bomb guy first and foremost, and the other Whiskey sites have always come second. That being said, I appreciate the work that Tom and the volunteer corps of users have done to provide Anime Vice with any sort of meaningful content in the wake of the site not having any permanent editorial staff of its own. I know that there's a good community here, even if the communities at other Whiskey sites like to belittle you guys for your penchant for RP threads.

With that in mind, I hope and wish that this site isn't summarily discarded once the change of ownership is complete. I'd love to see Anime Vice thrive with a proper editorial staff and an expanded range of content, whether that be convention coverage, other cultural interests like J-Pop, or fashions, or an expanded focus on live action films. It would just be a shame to see this site die, particularly after all of the contributions that the community has made to it, from editorial articles to the wiki. Maybe that's an unrealistic wish to make at this point, but redheaded stepchild or not, Anime Vice is a part of the Whiskey family that I've visited on an almost daily basis since Giant Bomb was founded back in 2008.

I hope that this site and community remains together once the dust has settled. My words might not mean much in the long run, but I thought I should just put them out there.

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