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Hadez: Favorites
1. Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Season 2

My favorite Mech series

2. Gilgamesh

Love the Horror element

3. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

The fights are beautiful, The music isgreat, and when they blow up the gundams at the end I almost cry

4. Basilisk

One of my Favorite shows of all time. The fights are epic and Beautiful

5. Avatar

The Story is Unique its funny and all of the characters are great

6. Gunsmith Cats

Love it and May Blows me away

7. Blood: The Last Vampire

absolutely One of the best Vampire series

8. Cowboy Bebop

If you don't like Bebop then you don't like good Anime


Strange, Funny, and a Robot with a TV for a head. Whats not to like.

10. Full Metal Panic!

The mech's and the fights. Plus it's one of the first in the Mecha Genre to take place in a High School for the most past

11. Tenjho Tenge

I love the fighting in it and the black guys name is Bob and he looks like Eddie Gordo

12. Perfect Blue

It's weird but I love the Paranoid parts.

13. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Love the show

14. Elfen Lied

The Violence works and it's a great show

15. Shaman King

It's a kool Concept and it has some really cool fights

16. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
17. Afro Samurai

Love this show


Didn't know it was a Anime But love it

19. Boogiepop Series

Good series plus its the only one I know where a guy can dismantle your face.

20. Death Note

I side with Light

21. Digimon

Loved seasons 1-4 everything after that not so much

22. Dragon Ball

I love the whole series from Ball-GT

23. Genshiken

It's a show about anime fans and s show within a show

24. Steel Angel Kurumi

I love the love story aspect.

25. Super Gals!

The theme makes me want to dance and I love thew show no matter how girly it is

26. Monster Rancher
27. Chrono Crusade
28. Murder Princess

Weird Concept but I love the series

29. Sekirei

It's a good show and i like the manga

30. Ikki Tousen

It's got great fighting

31. Samurai 7
32. Princess Mononoke
33. Scryed

very interesting

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